Wednesday, 5 July 2017

On Setting Things To Rights

Today I watched the last of ten episodes of an online series on 'The Western Theological Tradition' sponsored by Hillsdale College.  All good stuff.  But I am left with the sorrowful feeling: Such a lot of well-intentioned thinking occasioned by such a cruel hoax.  Clever.  But cruel.

I am referring to the Christian religion.  Once the public at large is exposed to, and engages in the results of, the story as unfolded by one Joseph Atwill in his monumental work of investigation and puzzle-sleuthing, 'Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus',* we can get on with our history on this planet, based on truth.  Not lies.

And speaking of Setting (Other) Things to Rights...

Also today - after an enjoyable evening yesterday, July 4th, down on the beach, with a goodly crowd (of all races and ages) watching fireworks going off in over half a dozen sites along the beach andover at the Queen Mary site - I received a mailing from the chairman of a group called Patriot Voices, which opened,

'My Fellow American,

'Your signed END SANCTUARY CITIES NOW petition is critical to helping the Trump Administration win the biggest political fight of 2017.

'Barack Obama is even threatening to "come off the sidelines" to protect his lawless immigration legacy...'

That would be the legacy of an illegal presidency.  Which will yet be called to account.  And if said accounting results in a state of national emergency - which the MSM would have to take primary responsibility for, in not doing a sufficient job in clarifying to the citizenry the facts of the matter - then that is what it will take.  It would be a shame to see and experience the nation descend momentarily into that further darkness.  But if that is what it will take to get back to the rule of law in this country - i.e., its Constitution - then, as I say, that is what it will take.

Patriots: Plan accordingly.

It doesn't have to be that way.  The Dark side forces can see that the game is up, and the Light - the true Light.  Not the Luciferian false one - will take over now, in and for the next steps of humanity on this earth.  Taking it into a Golden Age, of Peace and Prosperity, in alignment with Spirit.  Not manmade sentiments.

And once we have seen the minions of the Dark side off, and put its leaders into prison, we will start dealing with a lot of matters of unfinished business, the various 'Gladio'-type operations of what is called the Deep State.  And since the MSM has been feeding us a lot of bull over the years about a lot of things, we will be uncovering the truth about a lot of things.

The whole truth.

Not just the cover stories, to skulduggery.  On the part of our erstwhile masters.

Their day

over with, now.


Its purpose - to elicit out of us our best and highest -


P.S. And at least, to help somewhat in a scene of such cruel creativity that has been going on, we have another kind of creativity in play around us at this time.  I refer to the marvelous creativity of flowers and flowering trees going on, and so forth, of Nature's beauty and bounty.
      Far more indicative of the creative potential of budding gods.


* which lays out, in remarkably well--ferreted-out detail, the hoax of how the Flavian imperial household of mighty Rome, led by a Jewish military governor-cum-historian named Josephus (who chose to join the winning side, and thus live to fight another day, as it were; another story), fabricated the story contained in the New Testament (in relation to his other 'historical' work, the Wars of the Jews) in order to point 'prophetically' towards Titus, son of the emperor Vespasian and the destroyer of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, as the Son of Man, come to chastise the "wicked generation" of Jews who failed to bend the knee to the Roman emperor as their Lord.  The hoax being carried off by writing of fabricated events as if they were prior 'history', in a puzzle, or rather a series of puzzles, all of which had and have a logical outcome, to the very perceptive (which Atwill has certainly proven to be).  Read it.  It is important that humanity learn of the perpetration of this hoax.
   And relesse the living consequences.  In order to get to the real Truth of things.  Not concoctions, or simulations, thereof.
   (N.B. At the very least, the Christian religion has kept the Jews and Muslims from taking over this country, and duking it out between them afterwards for supremacy.
   But to continue.)

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