Sunday, 2 July 2017

On The Falling Into Place Of 'Things'

A part of the picture has fallen into place for me today.  The picture of the attempted takeover of the United States of America.

My country.

I made oblique reference to the result of this in my last blog, from having experienced a bit of synchronicity, in the form of an email from one of the many sources I take regularly.  This one had an article - besides how we have been turned into the chattel of a false entity as our federal government (that condition now to be corrected) - about how, in 1991, some termite(s) in the federal government quietly made a change in the Oath of Office for federal judges to take, which eliminated the need for them to adjudicate on the basis of the ‘original intent’ of the Constitution, but rather allowed them - opened the door for them - to adjudicate based simply on laws passed by Congress.

A technique that the s.o.b.’s trying to take over this country, and the world, have utilized - gotten up to - to bypass ‘the law of the land,’ the Constitution.  No longer bound by oath of office to act ‘agreeably with’ the Constitution, but only to the legislative acts of the Congress.  And thus, making the judicial branch of our tripartite form of government no longer a clear, autonomous branch of said government, capable of acting as a check on the other two (the point of the whole constitutional exercise); but merely an auxiliary of the legislative branch.  

The Legislative branch of the federal government, then, subject only to the check of the Executive.  

And thus, the Left’s unhappiness with Trump coming out of nowhere, to act as a foil to their best-laid plans... 

Let me be perfectly clear about this ‘little fact’. What it means - amounts to - is that every ’precedent’ that the s.o.b.’s can slip into place, with their judges, allows more encroachment upon, alteration of, the true rule of law - i.e., laws that are strictly constitutional - to take place.  To be adopted, as a foot in the door, for more and more power for such as our nemeses - the Enemy Within.  Thus changing our form of government from a federal one - i.e., a contract between the several States and the federal government - to a centralized one.

The easier to take you over with, my dears.  

As TPTB and their minions make such sinister, slowly slowly moves to eliminate the rule of law - i.e., the Constitution - in the country, and replace it with the rule of men.  Aka arbitrary law.  

Aka tyranny.  

Clever, these, er, miscreants.         

And on top of that was the veneer laid of judges being ‘allowed’ - having gotten away with - anyway to be adventurous in their interpretation of the ‘law’.  To say, in the minds of some: How boring, for the law simply to be the law, as legally passed, and to be judged against the fixed base of the Constitution,  How much more creative and interesting it would be to have the law mean whatever you want it to mean.  Like the philosophy - boast - of Humpty Dumpty: ‘Words mean what I say they mean.’   

Who had a great fall.

Which seems not to have been remembered by some, in that story.

In our human history story:

The judicial branch goes, too

Into the dust bin.

As hopelessly corrupt.  And corrupting.

As I take over now.  And set things (there’s that ‘things’ again) to rights.  Under the New Management, of God.

The one true God.

Beyond corruptibility.

By souls playing parts in a Drama.

Now over with.  Because

it’s that time.

Having learned one’s lessons or not.

Your choice.



Or forever hold your piece of the picture.


Or just play-acting.

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