Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Democrats, Thy Name Is Hypocrite

For The Record, as having had just about enough of this crap going on:

Democrats: You know damn well that if the shoe were on the other foot, you would be singing a different tune, so to speak.  If Hillary had won the Electoral College vote, but Trump had won the Popular vote,* you would be saying:

'Sore losers.  Hillary played by the rules of the game, and she won by the rules of the game.  If the rules of the game had been different, she would have played the game differently.  Tough luck.  You lost.  Get over your childish nonsense.  She's your president, too.'

Although I understand why this isn't just that simple.  The Left has been persuaded that it is entitled to rule, in a one-party state way - because, to those poor deluded saps, we are involved in a proletarian revolution.  And they mean to rule the roost in its aftermath.  Apparently the cannon fodder still not understanding that their masters are not Marxists, but fascists - the Establishment.  The corporate-government complex.  Who mean to rule over them, too, with an iron fist.  When they have served their purpose.

When the likes of Saul Alinsky talked about 'By Any Means Necessary...Whatever It Takes,' that means that you are fair game too, buttercup, with such thinking.  With all things being totally relative.  To the ones in power, to make those decisions.

When you don't live by the rule of law, only by the rule of men.  Aka arbitrary law.  Aka tyranny.



* Not to say that Hillary did.  Or at least, not the legal Popular vote.  With all the illegal aliens in the country, and other ineligible voters, and 'dead' voters, and duplicate/multiple voters,  President Trump has every reason to believe that he may well have won the legitimate Popular vote as well.
   We need to get Voter Integrity factors established all over tree country, and clear this matter up, once and for all.
   All corruption - OUT.

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