Tuesday, 4 July 2017

...And On This 4th Of July...

from newswithviews.com: ‘Mueller, Rosenstein And Comey: Three Amigos From The Deep State’ - Roger Stone - July 4
(They all go way back together.  This has been a set-up, of Trump.  Does he see it??  Will he do anything about it???...)

Posted at 03:32h, 04 July REPLY

Excellent legwork. Thanks, Roger, and NWV for posting it.

Trump really needs to get serious and drain the swamp of these Deep State critters, before they kill him with the death of a thousand cuts. Or go for broke, and release their cannon fodder army in an attempt at all-out civil war. Which hopefully the Trump team of patriots are already planning to squelch. For, this country must NOT be taken over by the NWO crowd. The American Republic is the last, best hope of mankind, against an unspeakably satanic totalitarian power.

It’s showdown time.

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