Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Dear Liberal Democrat

Dear Liberal Democrat:

When did you ever get it in to your head that this is not a two-party state, but is a nation of only one-party rule, and that party is yours??  You are acting as though you are 'entitled,' and that Trump is not only not 'entitled' but is to be actively resisted, to the point of destabilizing' - and 'de-legitimizing' - his administration.  Hang the results of the election, with its particular process.  Hillary won the Popular vote, so she should come away with the win.  Right???

Not in this country's system of government.  And as for that Popular vote: Trump claims that it was bolstered by "millions" of ineligible voters, and has established a commission to look into the whole issue of voter and electoral fraud - aka Election Integrity - in this country.  An admirable move, towards legitimizing the process.  And you are vociferously opposing that initiative.  Why is that??

Actually, I think I know why.  Because you have a different attitude about what is 'ineligible'.  Which has grown out of the success that you achieved by electing an ineligible candidate to the highest office in the land for the past eight years - and if you were able to get away with that little sleight-of-hand business, you should be able to get away with a little detail of 'ineligibility' regarding all the ineligible voters in this country.  Hang the idea of 'ineligible'.  Right?  Any resident will do.*  To vote early; and vote often.  And under as many names as you can come up with for them.


So, to that extent, all the corruption going on in this regard is the Republicans' fault.  Because they let you get away with running your technically ineligible candidate for the highest office in the land.  So, in for a penny...

So, I tell you what.

I agree that the Republicans have a large piece of the responsibility for this corrupt mess that we are in today in this country.  Aside from any other crimes of omission or commission that they may very well have been involved in.  That they are almost - almost - as culpable as you liberal Democrats.


Away with you both.

You are too ridden with corruption to save.

You both reek to high heaven.

So, off you go.

Being 'off' already.

With a stench that is unbearable.  And certainly not fitting for the likes of this country.  Which was founded on a far higher notion of 'principle' than that which has come to pass.

A shame.

A terrible, terrible shame.  With such promise...

But you will disgrace this nation no longer.

Away with you.


And - perhaps almost as an afterthought: You do realize that your little sleight-of-hand action with your ineligible candidate for the highest office in the land will not stand, don't you?  That all of the legislation that Obama signed into law, and all of the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that he issued, and all of the appointments that he made - including to the SCOTUS, and inferior courts - go with him.  Into the trash bin.  For it to be as though he were never there.  For, he was never there legally.

This, because in this universe, we do not run by the Saul Alinsky/Marxist idea of 'What is right is whatever advances our agenda, and what is wrong is whatever blocks it'.

That there is a higher notion of integrity, and of right and wrong, than that at work.

Which you are about to experience.

And in spades.


* Citizen.  Resident.  Close enough; right?  Like being a 'citizen' is to being a 'natural born' citizen.  Close enough.  Right?

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