Friday, 28 July 2017

Life Is An Illusion - Compounded

A friend has sent me a link to a site that describes new technology whereby ‘they’ can doctor people’s - the images of people’s - faces in real time on tv, to make them make any expressions that they want to fit over their image faces, like a CGI mask.  And they can also mimic one’s voice, to go along with the charade.  My off-the-cuff comment to my friend (in the cynical mood that I happen to be in):    

“It's all imagery.  Including ourselves.  And this matrix we live in.  So actually, all this fakery is doing us a service, in drawing our attention to it. 

“’All the world's a stage, and we are merely actors, strutting our poor part on the stage...'  or however that goes.  

“And actually, there is [even] serious question about Shakespeare being the author of 'his' works.  Some say, with some justification, that the author of those works was actually (among others) Sir Francis Bacon...

“Who knows.  

“What do I think?

“It's all smoke and mirrors stuff.  Designed to catch our consciences.

“Me.  I prefer the Real Thing.

“Enough of the charade.

“But thanks for drawing my attention to this particular wrinkle in the skein.”


We are fretted about with illusion.  Take Barack Hussein Obama, Jr..  Aka Barry Soetoro.  We still don't know who he is, to say, his real name.  Why not?  Because the birth certificate that he posted on the official White House dot gov web site has been demonstrated very well to have been false.  A fake.  A fraud.  On the American people.  Who don't seem to care about such things anymore...

Including the fact that he could well have been the spawn of a Jewess groupie with Malcolm X.  As one person has claimed, with some evidence, on the internet.1  Others have claimed him to be the son of Stanley Ann, alright, but either with a) Barack H. Obama Sr. whilst she was visiting over in Kenya; which would make him ineligible for the presidential office both as to his birth location AND his birth father, who was not a U.S. citizen in any event; or b) the mentor that she/her family assigned him to when still very young, a black 'friend' of her father's named Frank Marshall Davis.  (I don't say 'black American friend' because he was a communist, and indoctrinated young Barry with hate for his country of birth.  Or wherever he was born.  As I say: Smoke and mirrors.)  Barry looking very much like either Frank Davis or (even more like) Malcolm X, and not at all like his namesake.2

But back to the original point of the above paragraph; which has a lot to say for it, as being the answer to the conundrum.  Including the fact that Stanley Ann, when she appeared with the infant Barry in Seattle to go to school up there shortly after he was born, did not have a clue how to take care of a baby, including facts about diapers. A gal friend of hers from those days reported that. Which speaks of Stanley Ann never having engaged in prenatal classes.3  Plus the fact that she and Barack Obama Sr. never lived together.  All indications being that he just donated his name to the enterprise.  (As a help as well to him, to be able to continue to stay in this country.)  So, in looking at this take on this murky matter, we see a legitimate picture emerging, of what the truth about the matter is.

One.  The communists in the U.S. have been known to have a strong network amongst them.  The infant spawn of the Jewess and Malcolm X being parked with one of those families, in order to preserve him for future political use, to be groomed by them to aid in the overthrow of the U.S.  Which he/they would never be able to get away with if it were known that he was the child of the notorious Malcolm X.  And plus, there is the 'testimony' of an ex-CIA man on video, saying that Obama Jr.'s DNA was checked by them - via a glass of water that they purloined from his use - and he was found not to be the child of Stanley Ann.  

Now, one can legitimately question this latter piece of this picture, since the CIA can never be trusted to tell the truth about anything.  But one thing in all this illusion stuff is certain:

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. - or whatever his real name is - was ineligible for the office of the presidency of the United States of America.  For, even if it turns out that he is, indeed, a 'natural born' citizen of the U.S. - as the child of a U.S. citizen mother and father - he has sworn that his father was Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.  A non-citizen.  He's toast, right there.

But not so's many Americans have noticed...

As I say.

Illusion.  Upon illusion.

And my cynicism about it all.

Bordering on disgust.

If it weren't for the purpose of it all.........



1 Just who was that mysterious woman seen at a New York Knickerbockers basketball game sitting with Barry one night.  And who ended up being invited to travel with the Obama entourage to the UK for some presidential event or other...

And all of this is not to mention another possible birth father: an Indonesian founder of a 'cult' that the family belonged to.  Which - even though the subject involves as well the mystery death of a woman who had a hand in producing BO's false BC - is a bridge too far for this particular take on all this shady business.
   That the American public seems to have been too busy, in their nice, comfortable, middle-class lives, to have cared to take much notice of.
   While their country was being stolen right out from under their noses.  Easy peasy, like.  A snap.  Well.  Easy come.  Easy go.

3 Plus the fact that there has never been any evidence posted that I am aware of that she was ever pregnant at the time.  No pictures; nothing.
   The only thing close to any sort of 'proof' to that is the BC from Kenya.  But that has never been substantiated.

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