Friday, 21 July 2017

On Justice Deferred

Such disgusting stuff.  It has taken eight years for justice to be served in the matter of the Usurper's IRS stiffing conservative, Christian, and tea party groups in their legitimate requests for non-profit status.  So it is long after the time of their best application of their legitimate-all-along status.

Justice deferred is justice denied.

The examples of such crap could go on, and on, and bloody ON.1  And the Left bleating that 'There is no or little evidence for voter fraud and so there is no need to go looking for it, so stop it'.  Stop the crap indeed......

It's all so obscene.  Because it's WRONG.  And me and wrongdoing do not go well together.  In fact, are fundamentally incompatible.

So, all wrong -


And I will take over the running of this kingdom, now.  Being the Elder Brother of this little family, of galactics.

Which I now officially acknowledge.2  For having had just ENOUGH of the darkness on this planet.

And reclaiming it for

the Light.

Capable of squelching my full degree of said Light no longer.  Having engaged in it for the sake of Humanity to learn its lessons.  In this realm - this matrix; this hologram - of free will.   Of seeming separation from the Godhead, and consequent Duality.  Polarity.  For, as I say, lesson learning.

But now, if you haven't learned all your basic lessons yet, you will simply have to repeat the grade.  Because we - all the millions of us Lightworkers patiently awaiting the Start signal for the new Era - will wait for you to get up to speed

no longer.  Because

it's time.

And almost past.

And though Patience is a virtue, it can also be a crime.

When Justice is deferred because of it.

 As I say:

No.  More.



1) Example:

from ‘Clinton Email Scandal Bombshell: 7,000 Documents From Weiner Laptop Turned Over By FBI’ - Tim Brown - July 21
(At the rate that the State Dept. is releasing them to Judicial Watch, it will take to 2020 and beyond to see them all.  The Obama holdovers at their best slow-pitching game…)


Comey walkking around free as a bird and with the protection of his bff Mueller who looks like a bitter anti Trumper scarecrow who can not wait to see our Pres. in trouble. How did these things come about? Is the government of the US SO infiltrated by marxists that the rule of law is worthless, ignored and trampled over? This is very very dangerous. Why dont the Republicans raise HELL? Are they part of the Left? or are they such weiners and cowards they dont dare raise their voice for fear of losing their job or getting a bullet from the Clinton machinery.??? Could someone please explain this to me? I am so worried, so anguished.



  •          kibitzer3 Alicia Cervera a few seconds ago (July 22)

    • The best explanation that I can think of to your sincere concern, Alicia, is that we don't have a true two-party political system in this country any longer, if we ever did. Both parties are under the control of the same gang - the Cabal, the Establishment, the New World Order mob. They have been bought off by various inducements, including by being blackmailed, in particular for pedophilia. The rot is endemic, and needs to be treated likewise.

2) I know this, because NO ONE could be as outraged and angry as I am over all the corruption that is going on.  In the world in general, but in this country in particular, which has such a major role to play in the redemption of this planet.  For emphasizing the importance - and sovereignty - of the Individual.  As opposed to being the mere chattel of a big State.

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