Sunday, 30 July 2017

A Word

Before I take over, and set things to rights - in this country, and, with help from other Lightworkers: in the world - I can’t stress enough how incensed I am - far more than being merely disappointed - that you in this country have, by and large, attempted to pretend that it was sufficient for a candidate to be eligible to run for, let alone hold, the office of the presidency of the United States - the highest office in the land; and as well, then, becoming the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces - merely to be a citizen, rather than needing to be a special, more exclusive kind of citizen, to hold that special office.

I refer to the eligibility requirement, under the rule of law in and of this country, of said person needing to be a ‘natural born’ citizen.  What is the definition of that term, as understood by the constitutional Framers who put it in their contract as an eligibility requirement for that particular federal office - and that particular federal office only??  The historical record is very clear on this subject: a ‘natural born’ citizen is a person, quote, “born in the country, of parents who are citizens,” unquote.  That definition is from the definitive tome of the day on such nation-building matters, Emer de Vattel’s ‘The Law of Nations’.  And that eligibility requirement for that particular office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.  It was put in the Constitution - the law of the land - as an eligibility requirement for that particular office - and as I say,  that particular federal office ONLY - to make sure that the occupant of that office - who as I say becomes as well, then, the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces (are you getting this point yet??) - had NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES.  Had SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the United States.


A six-year-old could have told you that, if he or she had been instructed properly in the matter.  Why didn’t you know that??

I’ll tell you why, essentially.  Not just because you were not instructed properly in the matter.  But because you failed to appreciate fully that in this country, you are the sovereign.  Not your government representatives.  You are - were supposed to be - a self-governing people.  Vouchsafed, by the Founders of this nation, that gift.  And that responsibility.  And you delegated that responsibility to your elected representatives, fully.  Rather than keeping a closer eye on them.  And ‘they’ sold you out.  To a higher bidder.  People who want to take over this country.  And have wanted to take it over for a very long time. 

And you, going asleep at the watch - at your watch - allowed them to almost - almost - get away with their machinations in this regard.*  

I can only assume that this has all been for a purpose.  The purpose, apparently, being to teach you a lesson.  A very big lesson.  Perhaps the biggest lesson in life of all:

Not to go to sleep.  To keep awake, and aware.   

As to what it is all about.  

Which we are about to get involved in, in a much deeper level.  To say, more accurately: a much higher level.  Than we have ever engaged in before.

Which is, in a word: Our Ascension.

So, let us get to the task at hand.  Which is to create a New World.  A World beyond Duality.  Together.  On our way to being beyond dimensions themselves.  (How to get there?  It's a matter of resonance.)  

That is all.

For now.  At this special time.  On this special planet.  That we call our home.  Away from


* With the Republican Party close to attempting to ‘make two wrongs make a right’ in the potential nomination of Senator Ted Cruz as their candidate - against the chronic, if not compulsive, if not outright pathological liar and serial criminal, Hillary Clinton - who was even less of a ‘natural born’ citizen than the Usurper himself, Barack Hussein Obama; who at least - and at least according to his testimony; since we have yet to see a true birth certificate for this ringer - had one citizen of this country as a parent.  Senator Cruz’s father not being a citizen at the time, and his mother, having of necessity, according to Canadian law at the time, given up, in renunciatory language (“I hereby renounce”), her U.S. citizenship to live in Canada, where - as well an ineligibility matter - he was born.  All that as potential, until Donald Trump rode in to the rescue of that party, and this country.
     But to continue.


An additional entry in this line:

from ‘Trump for U.S. Senate 2018?’ - J.B. Williams - July 30/31
(Title meaning Trump-like candidates; to get a commanding no. in the Senate.)
(He called Ted Cruz out on his ineligibility to have run for the Senate before.  An issue that could return to bite him.  And in any event, sinks his ship.
Glad to see that someone else agrees with me on that 'little matter'.
The details.........)

Posted at 01:44h, 31 July (still 30 July PDT)

Thanks for pointing out the issue around Ted Cruz, JB.

That mistake must not be allowed to stand. Or we will never get our Constitution back from being “just a damn piece of paper,” subject to ignoring whenever it suits certain people. On both sides of the political aisle.

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