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Duty. Honor. Country...

…How Does That Go, Again???

I grew up in Norman Rockwell Country.1  Indeed, so much so that I even used to deliver the Saturday Evening Post - on foot - in my former home town, of Small Town Americana; in my case: Payette, Idaho.  Briefly; before we moved down to southern - excuse me, folks down there.  Here, now, too - that’s Southern, California (an identity all its own).  Where I - we - came increasingly under the ‘spell’ of Hollywood.  But I get ahead of myself a bit, in this telling.  Of a sad tale.  But one with a happy ending.  So stay tuned.  To the end.  Literally.

I was thinking of this yesterday when I happened - that’s ’happened,’ for those aficionados amongst you of such things - to come across, in one of my piles of mailings to get to ’sometime,’ one from an outfit calling itself the General Patton Memorial Museum.2  It enclosed a booklet containing, among other memorabilia about Patton, “an abridged version of General Patton’s famous speech to the 3rd Army on June 5th, 1944 in England” just before the Allied Landing at Normandy.  Which was the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany.  And as spearheaded by Patton’s 3rd Army dash across western Europe to the Rhine.3 

(I can remember, as a young lad in Long Beach, California - where we moved specifically from my small-town roots in Idaho - lying on my stomach on our front room carpet with a world map spread out in front of me, daily plotting Patton’s arrow-like advance with the latest information from our daily paper and on the radio news.  And I can well remember thinking at one point, “Patton’s going to win this war for America, because he’s got the Germans on the defensive, on the ground and in their minds.  They may try a counterattack” - as they did, in what became known as the Battle of the Bulge - “but it will fail, because he’s got them spooked.  They know he will never give in.  Yippee!”)

And then there was General Douglas MacArthur in the Pacific Theater, of the same kind of mettle.

“I shall return.”  And he did.  And then in a later war, with the North Koreans and China this time, and his audacious landing at Inchon, forcing the enemy to retreat, with this dagger poised to interdict their supply lines…

Duty.  Honor.  Country.

And as spoiled by the likes of FDR’s deliberate goading of the Japanese into attacking our naval forces at Pearl Harbor.4  And later on, by Secretary of State Dean Acheson signaling to the North Koreans and to China that Korea was ‘beyond our sphere of influence,’ which led the North Koreans into the trap of The Powers That Be, for them to make some more big money on wars.  And later on, LBJ’s fake Gulf of Tonkin incident, which led the U.S. into the quagmire of the No-Win war in the paddy fields of South Vietnam…5  And later on - since the technique had worked so well before, for TPTB - the fake business of Iraqi soldiers ripping the IV tubes out of babies and throwing the poor helpless infants on the floor of the hospital, that led to the first of the Gulf Wars……and which had been signaled, in the same way as so many times previously, by a U.S envoy to Saddam Hussein telling him that we had “no opinion” in their kerfuffle with Kuwait………6

I of course could go on.  But I don’t have the stomach for it. 7 

The letter from the Executive Director of the General Patton Memorial Museum observes - after commenting on how “America’s young people have likely never heard of [Patton’s] extraordinary record”:

“Even worse, in this politically correct era, liberal teachers deliberately refuse to teach our young children — YOUR children and grandchildren — about American heroes…”    

'You see, Johnny, the thing is, that there is nothing wrong with the fundamental values of this country.  They are honorable values.  And have helped to raise up honorable citizens, and incarnated souls, over the years.

'But the nation has become corrupted along the way; with its fundamental values hijacked by forces that do not have the best interests of this nation, or the world, at heart.

'You see, Johnny, we have traitors amongst us.  Traitors of the Light.  Who are attempting to bring down the curtain of Darkness on all of humanity on this planet.  And they must not be allowed to succeed, in their satanic endeavor.  

‘And that’s why you have incarnated at this time.  Because you are here to help foil their best-laid plans.  And lead the world into a far, far better future than the dystopian one that these Dark-side fiends have planned for it.  

‘Into what can with all justice be called a Golden Age.

‘Just waiting for us.  To bring it  about.

’So, perk up, Johnny.  And do your 


P.S. Hollywood??
     Ah yes.  The Masters of Illusion.
     Yes, they figure in this scenario, too.
     As we shall see, when we look behind the curtain of our reality......


1 I can already hear voices going:  ‘Oh-oh.’  About to add, with mustache all a’twitching: ‘Curses!  Foiled again.’

2 “Built on the site of Camp Young, where General Patton commanded the Desert Training Center, this museum honors my grandfather’s legacy, in addition to the memory of all those who fought, served, and died defending our great nation,” as Mrs. Helen Patton said in a covering letter to the Museum’s plea for donations to their worthy cause. 
   Of which I get so many that I can’t keep up with them all.  (Who knew that there were so many sites of such WWII memorials, and so many outfits training dogs for former soldiers with various war wounds, and building specially-designed homes for disabled Vets, and outfits saving wild animals and horses and donkeys and dogs from terrible fates, and needy political campaigns of various stripes, and so many Native American causes, and on and on and ON???

3 Yes yes: The Russians played a large part in the defeat of Nazi Germany, too.  But I am concentrating on Western values and perspectives, for this particular purpose. 

4 Yes yes: The war may have been inevitable, anyway.  But how our leaders have failed us.  And along with Wilson’s pledge, to Keep Us Out of War; the breaking of which pledge led to the increase in hostilities in what became known as WWI…  

5 Yes yes: Our commitment to and responsibilities under the SEATO pact.  All very upstanding.  But the no-win part of the deal???  And the U.S. funding the USSR, so that they could in turn send military supplies to the North Vietnamese, to continue the war???…

6 April Glaspie: Go hang your head in shame.  And take your boss, ex-SoS James Baker, with you.

7 Except to point out that it isn’t all the doing of the ’liberals’.  For example, I have just received in the mail a request for donations from a Republican front outfit that is trying to sell the patriotic public on the idea that that dastardly ’Assad gassed his own people, and what should we do about it, in terms of Foreign Policy.  Should we further arm the rebels???’  If I had had the space in the Survey, I would have taken them further to task than I actually did.  Which was to write a big “He did NOT.  That was a false flag op.” 
   These sons of bitches who are trying to lead this country into further expenditure of money and blood in wars don’t seem to understand.  The Internet has changed the dynamics irretrievably.  
   They can control the high ground, of the MSM.  But they can’t control the ‘rebel’ forces in the alt media.
   But they will try.
   And are.........

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