Sunday, 30 July 2017

Under New Management

How does the world operate Under New Management?

Not by profit-making, I'l tell you that right now.  Which is, you must understand, merely a concept.  It only exists in our minds; is not a law of physics.

This business of interest-bearing money on the one hand and fractional-reserve banking on the other is well past its use-by date.  Some examples of the sorts of corruption that are going to be wrung out of the system, of sharing goods and services with one another:

* Short-selling on the stock market.
   Examples abound.  From the relatively small - Chipotle food poisoning - to the really outrageous:
   + 9/11.  There was a fair amount of 'insider trading' going on there, with some people making huge amounts of money short-selling stock of the airlines involved.  Obviously with advanced knowledge of that caper going down.  And as well with Silverstein, and his purchase just two months before of a large amount of insurance on the buildings (with a big problem with them regarding asbestos, which would have required extensive reconstruction of the buildings; not a normally intelligent investment, Larry), including covering terrorist-style damage.  (Including suing for double damage, because, hey, there were two buildings thus damaged; right??  And let's not talk about the third one; right???...)
   + The Gulf Oil spill.  The company involved took out a huge insurance policy just before the blow-out.  Plus, some insider investors made a fortune on short-selling their stock just before.

Hell, I could go on, and on, and on, in this vein of obscene corruption, occasioned by treating 'money' - and the accumulation thereof - as an end in itself, rather than as merely a convenient means to another end: that of living together, on this beautiful planet, as a gift from God.  But I'll close with just one wrapping-up comment:

Martha Stewart: You deserve your time in prison back.

At the least until things are set to rights in this country.

Any time, now.

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