Thursday, 27 July 2017

Let Me Be Frank...

…and not as in Sinatra.  I don’t need that kind of voice.  I just need to speak my piece in my own voice, about things going on in this day and darkened age.  But as they say: It’s always the darkest before dawn.  And boy, is that ever the truth in this instance.


* Young women in the U.S. (and elsewhere)1 seduced into having babies on the taxpayer’s dime.  
   It all started, I think, with the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program, during LBJ’s 'Great Society' days: a well-meant - purportedly - attempt to offer financial assistance to families momentarily in a state of financial hardship, but which quickly morphed - as could have been seen, by those with eyes to see - into the boondoggle that it has become, for the state to pay young women to have babies; and then followed up with food stamps, etc., all at the taxpayer’s expense.2  As I say: a boondoggle.  And also ultimately to bankrupt the country, a la the Coward-Piven Strategy, in order to drive it under statist control.  But to continue.3
   Said creation of the phenomenon of single mother ‘families’ not only made more citizens dependent on the state for their wherewithal - part of the purpose of the ploy - but served to deprive fathers of the opportunity and responsibility to help raise their offspring, and thus learn to take responsibility for their actions.  Perhaps the most civilizing experience a human can have.  Gone, with the wind of the new, bigger state sweeping through the country; hoped by its proponents to ’sweep’ the old away.  The old, of family units, being the bulwark of society - responsible for themselves, and their own wherewithal, and helping thereby to create a successful economic and social system.4
   Which the United States was, and in spades.  Until the termites started gaining the upper hand.  And The People lost sight of their responsibility, to take care of their legacy.
   Twenty trillion - that’s TRILLION -  dollars in debt: Are you kidding me???  
   Our creditors could come here any day now and take the country over - lock, stock and barrel.  Kick us off the land, and pack us into high-rise apartment buildings, on the cheap.  Pack’em and stack’em.  And most Americans - it would appear - would hardly miss a beat, in continuing to watch their favorite tv shows, and munching on their chips, and swigging their -

You know what?  I was going to continue, in this report on How I See It, through a number of other subject areas.

But I’m not going to.

I’m fed up enough as it is.  

You get the picture.

Do something about it.  

It’s as much your country as mine.   

P.S. And don't get me wrong.  I envision a New World wherein we share with each other.
     Just not at the expense of others.  That's corrupting.
     And corruption has no place in The New.
     Because it is made of finer stuff, than the old, 3D stuff.
     Of which many of us have had just enough.


1 I remember while living in Scotland reading of the scam going on down in England of some single young stud who was earning a living by servicing young females in his town to have his babies, because they were being paid by the state to have them.  And raise them.  All, on the taxpayer's shilling.  So, it has been a widespread phenomenon.  A feature of socialist thinking.  
   Which is destroying nation-state after nation-state in its wake.

2 Food stamps is a particular boon to many feeders off the public trough - from the banks that run the program, to the Big Ag providers of the items.
   And people on the program are not even limited to basic food supplies, as any decent such program would simply provide for.  For staples like basic veggies and beans and burgers and flour and milk.  Not for all the crap that I see people with these EBT cards purchasing by them.  What arrogant nonsense.  People standing in line, trying to make ends meet in their lives, having to watch others waltz out of the store loaded down with items that they themselves can’t afford to buy……… 
   We need a revolution, alright.  Just not the one that these arrogant asshats who are behind what is going on are angling for. 

3 And I understand that that program has been tweaked, in an attempt on the one hand to rein in some of the looting going on - by putting it under state, rather than federal, administration, and therefore ‘closer’ oversight - and on the other hand to get rid of some of the ‘hint’ in it of its being okay to have further babies on the taxpayer's dime by changing the name, to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).  Which is a helpful correction.  But it’s not enough.
    The ‘state’ - federal or state - needs to get out of the business of creating welfare dependency.  Period.  
   People who need temporary help can get temporary help via any number of charitable agencies.  It is not the state's business to seduce people into dependency on 'the state' for their welfare.
   Let alone providing it to illegal aliens!
   The mind boggles...

4 ...and in thinking of all these feral young black dudes in particular without a decent father figure in their lives...
   it's a crime against humanity.

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