Sunday, 16 July 2017

And Another Thing

What is this business of students being in colleges or universities who can't hack it academically?  Why make them feel bad about themselves??  They should be in vocational schools, or whatever.  This bad business needs to stop.

I  presume that it is all of a piece with the revolutionary agenda of the Marxists, to foment turmoil - cynically using such students as cannon fodder - to create yet another 'class' of persons for their ideologically-determined warfare, ka class warfare.  Which plotting has been going on for a long time.  And especially among a certain 'class' - mindset - of people.

I refer to all those inclined to Power Over Others.  Although the 'Chosen People' meme has certainly caused a lot of heartache and turmoil and pain (the stuff of history; of The Play; the makings of Drama) for the Jews and their neighbors over the years.

I am not 'anti-Semitic,'1 or 'racist,' or 'sexist,' or 'homophobic,' or whatever label that might be attempted to be applied to me, in an attempt to demonize me.  Except for one category (which I am fairly certain has not been added to the panoply yet).  I am very much anti-New World Order mob.2

It is the antithesis of everything I stand for.  And so I will not stand for it.

The New World Order mob would force people to be 'good' - according to their definition of the term.  I would allow them to be.  Or not.  Their choice.  If they choose 'wrong,' they need to experience - even suffer - the consequences, in a just universe, wherein individuals are held responsible for their actions.  But it is still 

their choice.

So, in summary:

No one is forced to be 'good' in my take on things.  I wouldn't want them in my kingdom anyway, if they were.  Only free moral agents need apply.

And you'd better get your 'application' in soon.

The opening is closing as we speak.

Your choice.



1 Many Jews not being bloodline Hebrews anyway; their ancestors - of the Ashkenazim, i.e., European Jews - having been converted en masse by the king of their eastern European country, Khazaria, in the first millennium of the Current Era, and thus not strictly Semites.
   And not necessarily even religious.
   Just opportunistic.

2 Not to be confused at all with the Lavender Hill Mob.  Those guys were amusing.  These guys are demonic.
   To be given a chance to come over to the Light side.  Or perish.  In the Light.
   As fundamentally incompatible with it.

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