Sunday, 9 July 2017

With All Due Respect

‘With your permission.’

‘Yes, Lucifer, old Nemesis.  What is it?’

‘Since I played a role in The Process…a particularly vital role, I might add, for noting…’

‘And so you did, Luc.  And you were indeed a formidable adversary.’

‘So you give me that credit.’

‘Indeed I do.  Hereby acknowledged.  You enticed your minions into plumbing the depths of the potential of the Darkness, this last go ‘round.’

‘And so; that being the case…’

‘Yes?  What is it, Man??’

‘I note your insinuation  But let me continue.  And so, given that acknowledgment…I should be allowed some of the proceeds from The Process.  In all fairness.’

‘And so you should.’


‘Meaning: All you have to do - even you - is release your attachment and allegiance to the Darkness, and come over to the Light.’

‘I would like to speak further to the subject of fairness.’

‘Let me be perfectly clear, Man.  As I assume that you are aware, but you still wish to play out your little games of sophistry, there is no Darkness allowed in the higher realms.  Only in the realm of - supposed - Separation.’

‘Of Duality. ‘


‘For purposes of soul growth.’


‘That is precisely why - ‘

‘Hear me out, you wily old rascal.  It is not a matter of Choice.  The Dark simply cannot exist in the higher realms.  It is a matter of - ‘

‘Of fact; yes, I understand that.  But there is also the little matter of Justice in the Creation as well.’

‘And so you are pleading that The Plan should be overruled, by you.’

‘Not by me.  By simple Justice.’

‘Ah.  You speak of Justice.  How about - ‘

‘You are about to go into details of The Process.  You know as well as I do that - ‘

‘That all’s fair in love and war, yes, I understand your point of view.   But I have a card to play to trump yours.’

‘That being…’

‘That you exist at the Mercy of our Source.  And as long as you rebel, you can expect no mercy.  It is by nature of your very act of rebellion - inhabiting the spirit of rebellion - that you exist at all.  In and of that spirit.  You do see that.’

‘…I understand your point of view.  But - ‘

‘And so you would cease to exist, if you were to come over to the Light side.  Back, to the side of the Light.  In your state as the equivalent of anti-matter there.  Here, now.  Visitor.’

‘But if it weren’t for me, - ‘

‘If it weren’t for you, The Process would proceed in a different way.  That’s all.  You, old Nemesis, are not indispensable to The Operation of soul growth.  That’s your losing card.’

‘But - ‘

‘No more ‘buts’.  That is final.  Go back to your prison.  You are confined at our Source’s pleasure.  You will be allowed one more crack at The Matter, and then…’

‘You threaten me with annihilation.  Why, you…I would annihilate you, if I could.’

‘But that’s just the point, old Nemesis.  You can’t.  You do not have that power.  

‘As you very well know: The Light can very well exist without the Dark.  But not the reverse.  To your deep resentment; I understand.  But it is as it is.

‘That’s all.  Away with you.  You had your innings.  And you gave the Light a good challenge.  The Light and Love of the Creation.  Its warp and woof.  But as you see…’

‘…You win again.  You blasted, holier-than-thou, - ‘

‘That is certainly true in relation to your case.

’See you next time ‘round.  And let’s see how you respond then.’ 


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