Monday, 17 July 2017

That Sound You Hear...

…Is Me Champing At The Bit

Think to take down my country, will you…

I am reminded of a story.  This story is entitled

The Quarterback

Once upon a time there was a high school football team that was not expected to be much different from any other team at the start of the season (and certainly not ‘exceptional’).  But then something happened, that changed everything.

What happened was that, after only a couple of plays with the ball, the team of note having won the coin toss to Receive the opening kickoff, the quarterback was standing there briefly after having passed the ball off to one of his halfbacks on a running play, when a player from the other team continued charging at him after the play had been whistled to a stop.  Seeming not to see the player coming at him at first, the quarterback then, at the last second, ducked, sending the charging player head over heals over him, in an awkward somersault.  The quarterback looked at the nearest referee for a call, who hesitated; but when the quarterback said to him, calmly, “A late hit, Ref,” the man agreed, blowing his whistle and saying to the player still on the ground, “You.  Number 32.  You’re off.  For unsportsmanlike conduct.”

As the offending player walked over to his team’s side on the sidelines, so did the quarterback; who, when he came near the other team’s coach, said to the man, calmly: “Teach your players to play dirty, eh, Coach?  Well, learn a lesson, Sir.  A big lesson.  Sir.”    

Whereupon the quarterback’s team creamed the other side, quarter after excruciating quarter; which ‘lesson’ was, almost mercifully, finally put to an end at the closing whistle, with the score 72-0.  (Ten touchdowns, plus two run-ins after a touchdown, to earn two extra points - and rub the shellacking in even further.)  

That team went on to win the league that season, all unexpectedly.  When a local newspaper reporter asked one of the players at the end of the season what happened in the huddle after that opening event, which seemed to ‘kick off’ their winning season in such a ferocious style (the quarterback, a mild type, choosing not to talk to the media), the player replied, “Well, sir, all I remember was that our quarterback came back to the huddle, and said something like, ‘They want to play dirty?  Let’s show’em how this game is really played.’  And, well, we got the picture.”

They got the picture…

Not as in, ‘Don’t get mad, get even,’ in similar, two-can-play-at-that-game, fashion.  (As the Democrats chose to do when finding out about a certain voting scam being run by the Republicans in Florida some years ago.)

But as in playing your game to the hilt.  

And no further.

And thereby, you have a huge amount of energy on your side.

As in General Patton reportedly telling his Army, just before the Allied landing at Normandy (at least the equivalent of): 'We're going to go through them like shit through a goose.  I actually feel a little sorry for those poor bastards.'

And so I say:

Think to take down my country, will you…


In a similar vein:

from ‘ and YouTube: Accessories After the Fact of Fraud and Theft by Deception' - Jim Fetzer - July 17
(An excellent recap of his carefully studied and detailed take on the Sandy Hook 2-day FEMA ‘drill’ presented as a live event, in order for the Obama admin to promote gun control; and how the subsequent censorship of facts concerning the matter can legitimately be considered a crime.) 

Thanks again for this sort of info, James. Please keep putting it out there. The truth MUST out. About this, and many other such scams. 

We have been lied to long enough.

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