Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Court Of The People Of The United States...

...v. Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. of California

Governor Edmund G. 'Jerry' Brown Jr.:

This court has heard of the steps that have been taken regarding voting in this state that have led to the current situation; to wit:

* that people who show up to vote not only do not have to show any personal identification, but that precinct persons are actually instructed NOT to ask for any sort of ID; thus sending a Welcome signal to illegal aliens and other ineligible voters, 'dead' voters, and duplicate/multiple voters;

* that the voter registration rolls are not cleansed, with the reason given by County Voter Registrar offices that people sign up on them, quote, "on penalty of perjury," unquote, and thereby that alone is taken to be sufficient enough of a 'cleanse' simply in and of itself, with no measure of accountability to actually check on the matter as part of the state's law;

* that this state has been allowed to be flooded with illegal aliens, with that matter even acknowledged by you;*

* that you signed into law what is known as a Motor Voter Law, whereby whoever has applied for a driver's license is automatically registered to vote, subject to their personal decision not to be so registered; and

* that to make the picture being drawn in this state even more clear to such as IAs, they can now legally apply for and receive a driver's license in this state.  Thanks to a heavily weighted Democrat Party legislature.  But:

The buck, Gov. Brown, stops with you.

My conclusion:

No one is so stupid as not to understand that these measures were creating an army of illegal voters in this state, and were intended to do so.

You are hereby found guilty of a monstrous fraud being perpetrated on the American citizens of this state, rendering their vote, both as to state issues and as to federal issues, as diluted beyond all legitimate recognition.  You are hereby remanded to prison, as sentenced by this court on the weightiest charge against you, of treason,  for the rest of your natural life.

You can appeal the verdict of this court, of course.  For now, take the defendant away to prison.  And let him therein reflect long and hard about what he has caused to be done, in the grossly tainted name of the law of this country.

Next case.  

Let's see.  Kamala D. Harris. Yes; that one fits in here, too, doesn't it...gross negligence, and all that sort of legalistic thing......

Oh - and P.S.  All the mayors of 'sanctuary cities'?  To jail.  For breaking the law.  Federal law.  The law of the land.  For harboring fugitives from justice.
     Just clarifying the matter.


* In a speech in L.A. County somewhat recently at which it was known that many IAs were present, Gov. Brown Jr. said to his audience, specifically and pointedly: "You are welcome here."
   Of course they are.  They are part of the agenda of the New World Order mob, to take over this nation, and make of it a mere part of a region of their totalitarian One World Government.
   A reverse image of the Real Thing.
   But to continue.  Here.  For now.

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