Thursday, 6 July 2017

This 'n That...

On This Day

* There is a clear and present danger in this country on the part of the Left (and its masters, the single nest of vipers at the top of the pyramid of power in the country and the world) in its attempts to destabilize and 'delegitimize' the properly elected president, by fomenting civil unrest, in order to entice the president into declaring a state of national emergency, and thereby harvest the seeds for civil war.  They must not be allowed to succeed in their insidious intentions.  If it does take the declaration of a state of national emergency - i.e. to say, a declaration of martial law - to bring this attempted insurrection to heel, then so be it.  But President Trump must be thorough in his application of the measures legal under those terms, to quell the insurrection, and restore peace and safety to the nation; or the termites will take advantage of the thus-created and -activated totalitarian state of affairs, and try to usurp them for themselves.
   Better days are ahead.  Let's get to them, through the turbulent times leading to them, as Outcome, of an unfolding Process.

As to that process:

* No one treats 'the taxpayers' like dummies ever again.  All scams - over and out.  Done with.

And speaking of scams:

* The authoritarian 'you' seem to think that vaccination is such a safe procedure that 'you' are forcing parents to have to have their children vaccinated with all manner of shots in order to be able to go to school, whereas the fact of the matter is that vaccination - not immunization; sensitization, really - is a very unsafe procedure, causing all manner of side-effect maladies, including a spectrum of brain-damage conditions.  Where the hell did 'you' ever get the idea that you could do this (let alone get away with it)??  From some totalitarian state???
   Not in this country, you won't.

And speaking of health:

* When I was young there was a saying,
       An apple a day
       Keeps the doctor away.
   We seem to have forgotten that little bit, and sort of, folk wisdom.
   Time to get back to basics.

   And speaking of basics:

* I will not be truly happy until we get away from all these locks that we employ against each other, which is an embarrassing sign of our low consciousness still.  That we think of ourselves as one another - to say, as separate selves - rather than as the One that we are truly.

That's enough.  For now.  Just had a couple of bees in my bonnet in particular today.

Except just to say, and conclude with:

Come on, folks. Let's see your best.  Not your worst.

So, all of you Lightworkers, who have been waiting for the call to move into action stations:

Consider the call made.  And let's start in the cleaning up of the planet in earnest.

On all levels.


So that call is put out into the ethers.

A little bit of

This'n that.

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