Tuesday, 11 July 2017

On Checking One's Premises

This idea struck home to and for me when I read a book about the assassination of JFK wherein the author suddenly realized that he and everybody else, presumably, were making a basic assumption: that the wounds in the head of JFK that the surgeons at Parkland Hospital in Dallas saw and that the surgeons at his autopsy in Bethesda saw were the same.  That nothing had happened to JFK's body in the time in between.  He (the author was David S. Lifton; the title of his book was 'Best Evidence') likened the idea to going down into your basement with a flashlight and checking your 'premises' that way.  An excellent insight, and recommendation.+

Other examples of the need for us in our day and age to check our premises:

* That the New Testament is a true story.  That there actually was an historical figure as described in it.  Rather than its being a concoction.  A veritable story.  (For a particular cause.  Another blog.)

* That we are getting valid information from our medical profession as to the causes and treatments of various illness and disease conditions.
     Example.  We are still, to this day, treating with various cancers as though we don't really understand what is behind it all, and the best treatment we have for it all is Cut, Burn, or Poison.  (Hint: 'The terrain is everything'.  Cancers will keep coming back, until you change the terrain.)  And why are we treating with Cancer in this way?
     Because it's 'good for business'.  The treatment of cancer being a very big business, indeed.
     And other examples, too numerous to mention.  But in particular, mental conditions.  Which are being used to sell drugs like there's no tomorrow.  Which there may well not be, if we don't wake up from our drugged stupor long enough, to
     check our premises on this matter, too.

* That we are getting valid information from our Mainstream Media.
     Fortunately, we appear to be moving away from that unchecked premise rather well, by now.  But we have so long believed in the MSM's story about things, that here we are, still believing in hoaxes.
     'The Holocaust,' as presented.  JFK was assassinated by a lone gunman.  9/11 was the handiwork of Osama bin Laden and 19 Arabs with box cutters.  Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon Bombing (even publicly announced at the site as a "drill"), etc. etc. etc.
     False flag ops, all.  Some with actual victims, some not.  All, in the same vein as the Gladio-type ops in Europe after the conclusion of WWII, mounted by the intelligence agencies of Western countries to undercut the antics of the Red Army faction.

Check your premises.  You'll be glad you did.

And so will we all.  At the end of the day.

The current day.

Needing to change.

And just as soon as possible.

For, things are getting out of hand.  All, because we have failed in one main factor in life.

To check our premises.

P.S. And to conclude with the biggest assumption of them all:

* that this reality that we perceive is the only one there is.
   Check your premise at the door.


+ It turns out that there was a difference between the two 'sights'.  Read the book.  And further evidence has come out in the meantime to corroborate the basic question - that something happened to the head wounds between those two sites - only adding another possibility to the mix than what Lifton surmised had taken place.
     All, evidence of major harm.  To this nation.

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