Saturday, 29 July 2017

Over The Bridge

Many years ago, in 1977 to be precise, a very successful Hollywood screenplay writer, name of William Goldman, after an equally successful start in the writing trade as a novelist, wrote a blockbuster film based on a book about a true incident in the Second World War, both works entitled A Bridge Too Far.  It was about a mission on the part of the Allied forces that, in the end, failed.  And so basically did the film at the box office (despite all the big names involved).  People stayed away from the theaters in which it was playing in droves.


Because people prefer happy endings.

And I would submit for consideration that it's because we are wired for a happy ending.  'Wired' - subconsciously - to expect a happy ending.  At the end of The Play.

I personally don't go to a movie to be disappointed in the end.  I go to a movie to be inspired and uplifted.  Else why bother.

I really can't imagine that life is all about disappointing us in the end.  What would be the point?  A demiurge getting even for being kicked out, or deprived, of heaven - the higher realms - for whatever reason and entrapping souls into an endless loop of reruns, just with different costumes is all, out of spite?  And our Creator Source letting that happen??  Out of what.  Out of, er, love???

No. That doesn't compute, as a reason for being.  There has to be more to this business of life than that.  That Life is not a sentence in a prison.  But is a school.  For aspiring gods.

Chips off the old block, as it were.

Computer chips only??

No.  That doesn't compute either.  We obviously have been granted free will in the matter.  And progress as we will.

Not as some puppetmaster wills for us.

Plays with us.  Dancing us through the maze.  With glee, at our failings, and what all we are made to get up to, at the puppetmaster's wish and whim.  And command.

Take your life into your own hands.  And make of it what you will.

A ticket to success.

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