Monday, 31 July 2017

On Uncommon Sense

‘Havin’ just ridden into town on the back of a turnip truck, I’m a little curious as to how you city folks run things here, an’ would like to ask you a few questions, if you don’t mind.’

’Sure.  Glad to be of help.’

‘Thank you.  

‘So, I understand that you folks have turned the workings of your monetary system over to a private - whadda ya call it; a consortium?’

‘That’ll do; yes.’

‘ -  to do things like settin’ the money supply, and stuff like that there.’

‘Right.  It’s called the Federal Reserve.’

‘The Federal Reserve.  Although it’s a private consortium.’

‘Well… - yes.’


‘And this here ‘Federal Reserve’.  It also controls the printing presses, of the money.’


‘And this here ‘Federal Reserve,’ although it ain’t ‘federal’ at all, not only controls that feature of this monkey - I mean, money - business, but has exclusive access to it.  Meanin', that there is no audit of it.’


‘Of the money.  Printed by the printing presses.  By the private consortium, in charge of the whole shebang.’


‘Which is made up of very wealthy individuals and groups.  Who could have every reason to spread money around to their friends..  And arrange for its, shall we say, competition, to have a more difficult time, so to speak, in regards to this here ‘money’ thing.’

‘I don’t  - I mean, it doesn’t work just like that. I mean, the government has oversight of its operations.’

‘Oversight.  As in seeing what’s going on?’

‘ - Well… - You see, - ‘

‘Yes.  I see.  Thanks for the help.’

‘Wait! - Where are you going?’

‘Back to the farm.  To help prepare our defenses.  From the hordes of you City folks who are going to be comin’ out into the countryside, lookin’ to steal food from us farmin’ folks any time now.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Ya see, us farmin’ folks calls it ’slaughtering the hog’.  You have to approach that big ol’ beast very carefully.  Before you stick it to’im.  Which is, of course, the whole point of the exercise.

‘Good luck.’

But why wish that to them.  

They obviously asked for what is coming to them.

And not on the back of a turnip truck.

But from, ultimately - in revolutionary reaction - millions upon millions of ‘city folk’.  Who have had just enough.

Of city slicker ways.

Having come to their common senses.

P.S.  “Venezuela is simply ahead of he U.S. on the same road to national bankruptcy.  Absent a course correction, there is little reason to think we won’t arrive at the same destination - hyperinflation and disorder.” - article headed ‘Preparing to Barter and Trade Is NOT a Loony Idea’ - posted at Money Metals Exchange, July 31.
     ('Well, they would say that, wouldn't they.'
      And prudently so.)  


So much for the far Right.

What do we do about the far Left?

Congratulate them.  On putting up a good fight.  As a meaningful adversary.  And then get on with the job at hand.  Of building the U.S. back up again.  Although the right way this time.

And I don’t mean as in the far Right way.  As in, to say, a/the corporate-government complex way.  Aka fascism.  I mean as in correct principles.

Like those of the founding of this country.  Small government/personal responsibility.  Big opportunity.  A ‘conservative’ care for the environment.  And each other.

The right way, that one.  Not the way that generates dependency, and a ‘Gimme’ mentality.

That goes.  Along with all the other corrupt practices and attitudes that have developed over the years. Humanity - not just in the U.S. - having reached

the end of the line.


the Old Way.

We are in to something New, now.

A, the, New World.

Nova Earth.  Coming, to a theater of operations

quite near 


As 'a piece of the continent, a part of the main'.  Of your Source.

Being called to grow up, into your full potential.

At least, another step towards that outcome.

Your full legacy.

As we speak.

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