Monday, 3 July 2017

A Call To Arms?

from ‘Did Holder Just Deliver An Activation Signal for a Coup Against Trump?’ - Dave Hodges - June 1
(Former AG Eric Holder, author of the Fast & Furious gun-grabbing attempt and involved in the Sandy Hook affair designed for the same purposes, has sent out a tweet at 3am June 30: ‘To the career men & women at DOJ/FBI: your actions and integrity will be unfairly questioned.  Be prepared, be strong.  Duty.  Honor.  Country.”   He is obviously anticipating a move by Trump to houseclean those depts.; and Holder is ‘saying’ to ’his’ people in them: ‘Don’t let it happen.  This is a signal.  I repeat.  This is a signal.’…  Hodges reads this situation thusly.)

Stan July 2, 2017 at 11:39 pm
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1) Just for the record: It wasn’t Holder who said ‘You never want to let a good crisis go to waste’. That was Rahm Emanuel.

2) Good deductive thinking, Dave, on this issue. It is obvious that it was no accident that Holder ended up in California. Jerry Brown indeed has been involved in moves to try to separate CA from the U.S., with his presiding over the flooding of the state with legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico & other countries down south, and the whole CalExit thing, etc. etc. It is a key state to the takeover plot, or at the least, of ‘civil unrest’, designed to bring about a coup situation. Your insight about TPTB using a Trump declaration of martial law to rise up against his admin is a good one. We should put nothing beyond these people. They are evil incarnate.

The answer? Overpower them with superior force, before the insurrection gets out of hand. And activate the FEMA camps for their crowd. Before they try it put us patriots in them; as they have long planned to do. And I think that the 4th of July date is a good one to look at. These people like to plan things according to such time frames.

President Trump needs to curtail his holiday golfing, and prepare for such a contingency. Stat.


This sort of thing has been a long time coming.  I have shared in these pages before that many years ago, in the '71-'72 time period, a young Jewish guy from Hollywood was making the rounds of radio talk shows talking up the need for gun control, and when appearing on a leading such talk show in San Francisco, of a show host who was considered fairly liberal in political persuasion, was stunned into momentary silence (I happened to be listening at the time. in the lunch room at work) when said show host asked him, "What do you say to people who say that it's the communists who are trying to get guns out of the hands of the citizenry?"  A fair question; to which there was no answer directly forthcoming.  (It would have been interesting to hear how their private conversation went afterwards.  'I was told that you were a liberal!'  'I am.'  'No you're not.  Why the hell did you ask me that question?'  Because you're going to be asked it, stupid.  Be ready with an answer.)  So the Left went back to the drawing board, and rethought their strategy.  Which involved getting the black community on board with them.  (Actually, that was already in place.)  And then the Muslims.  Anything to break down the majority white control of the society.  To say: the rule of law.

As identified as well these days with such as the feminist magazine that is running a feature article on how white females have to be subjected to abortion and/or sterilization, because, "in a progressive society," that would amount to "social justice".

As I say: evil incarnate.

P.S. Am I saying that all Jews are communists; or, all communists are Jews?  No.  But a whole lot of them certainly seem to like the idea of running the show - and in a totalitarian way.  Not good.


In the meantime...the beat goes on:

from liberty ’Sessions To Crack Down On Criminal Aliens…’ - June 19; posted on July 2)
(“Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a statement Wednesday urging members of the House of Representatives to pass two bills designed to crack down on illegal immigration…”)


The illegals must be stopped. The chances of an illegal being a criminal are a lot higher than someone coming in legally. Our people must be protected not the illegal criminals.


         kibitzer3 Estell Newton a few seconds ago (July 3)
  • Correction: An illegal is already a criminal. Further criminality while illegally in this country just compounds the criminality involved.

  • All of them: Out. Some compromise can be made by waiving a hardline position of not allowing them ever to come back into this country. They just need to get to the back of the queue of honest potential immigrants - who are the ones who are most likely to become good, law-abiding citizens of this country, and welcome to them. They are being overlooked in this whole thing, with so many illegals holding down jobs that both unemployed American citizens and new immigrants into the country could be doing.

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