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'Reporting For My Operation, SIR!'

from ‘Do You Support Trump’s Ban On Transgender Troops?’ - Bradley Matthews - July 26
(A poster took lengthily to task people commenting here on Trump’s barring from the military Transgenders, with their expensive demands for gender replacement surgery and hormonal treatment, etc. etc.; saying that she doesn’t know why they are the way they are, but they are God’s children too, etc. etc.  A silly, non sequitur argument.
P.S. 96% of poll responders said ‘Yes’ to the poll.
P.P.S. My state’s new senator, Kamala Harris, calls it “discrimination”.  Sheesh.  What an ideologue.  The nation is ridden with them.  Isn't there an operation for them???......)

Stan Stanfield
Laura Holmes, you are mixing up issues. The issue that Pres. Trump addressed, and that the public is supporting here IN PRINCIPLE in its comments, is that our military is no place for Transgenders to be lining up for gender replacement surgery and other treatment, which takes them off duty for long periods of time, and includes much ongoing medical treatment. That is not what our military is for.
As for the causes of the LGBTQ ‘thing’: They are basically traced to the fact that at an early period of fetal development (I think it is the 8-10-week period), the fetal brain can be affected by the maternal hormonal bath, so that if said developing fluid is skewed, male-patterned brains can be ‘wired’ into genetically female bodies and vice versa and every stop along the abnormal spectrum in between, like trannies. The causes of such a hormonal imbalance are varied. Abnormal adrenal glands of either the developing fetus or the mother or both. Endocrine disruptors/estrogen mimics in the environment, from plastics, pesticides, and The Pill. Stress, of all kinds – physical, mental, emotional (it is known that there is a higher incidence of homosexually-inclined babies born in the wake of wars than the normal background ‘noise’ can account for, e.g.). But perhaps most alarmingly is the effect of drugs like barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant women without sufficient regard for their potential effects on the developing fetus. We have, in short, not been doing our job properly, of paying attention to this ‘canary in the coal mine’. We need to wake up, and fast, to our responsibility in this atrocious matter. But I repeat (and what most of the posters here are saying): Our military is NOT the place to deal with this matter.

July 27, 2017,3:31 am


...And on a similar subject, of an operation:

from ‘FBI Warned To Retrieve Documents Removed Unlawfully By Fired FBI Director’ - Jim Kouri - July 27
(Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch  sending a warning letter to Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe reminding him of the FBI’s responsibility under some Act or other.  The JW is great on FOIA requests, and some law suits; but it often just boils down to more talk talk talk, evasion evasion evasion, stall stall stall.  These s.o.b.’s need a hot poker where it will do the most good.)
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Hillary has been allowed to "skate" long enough. It’s time for ACTION. On many fronts.

Just DO IT.

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