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On Not Succeeding...

On some level, I knew we Americans were in trouble all the way back to the day when the guys in our class were playing a game of softball against another 6th grade class, and a Jewish kid, who had been newly parachuted into our school (I found out later somehow that his mother was trying to get him into the movies.  I was living in a ‘bedroom community' of L.A./Hollywood at the time) and who was watching the proceedings, along with many of the girls in both our classes, made the following comment - loud enough to be heard out in the ball diamond where I was standing - as a boy on the other team’s side was walked by our pitcher: 

“Four balls.  Hmm; must be a freak.”

Let me explain. This was circa 1945-46, smallish town Americana, home of hot dogs and root beer and fireworks on the 4th of July and all things normal; and I was a typical Christian kid.  (Well; perhaps not so typical: I was a ‘Mormon’.  But to continue.)  And - I will speak for myself, here - I had never heard that kind of talk before, much less out in the open like that, and in front of girls to boot.  Who was this kid?? I remember thinking.  I was yet to find out about such things.

Such things as how the Jews seemed to be rather more - what.  Unrestrained?? - about such kind of talk, and activity.  To say, more clearly: Sexual activity.  Item, from growing-up days in an America changing right out from underneath me, and the majority-Christian families.  Movies started having more explicit sex scenes, and dialogue. (Until now, the Jews have taken over the Disney franchise, and are producing porn cartoons for our children on kids' tv shows, is how in-your-face ‘it’ has become.  ‘It’: This seeming fascination with sex on the part of the Jews.)  Item.  I went to a film event at UCLA one evening where the film, made by a Jewish guy, it turned out,1 had a scene where some young boys went up to a bicycle that a young girl had been riding after she got off and one of them got off on smelling the seat, making a satisfied ’ahh’ face to his buddies.  And another film, made by Jews, showed a young Jewish kid having the shtick of tossing his keys on the ground and diving after them and using that as an excuse to look up ladies’s skirts.  (WTF??!)  Item.  I got involved with a libertarian group at one point, as involvement in politics later on in life, and it turned out that the couple in charge of the libertarian group in my area - this was in ‘the Valley’ (specifically, North Hollywood) at that time - a) were Jewish, and b) were involved with pornography.  Selling porn literature, and whatever all else they might have been involved in, in that line of business.  Item.  A major Hollywood film (I forget its name) in which the female Jewish newlywed moons out the window of their car at passing motorists while they head down to Florida for their honey moon.  (Talk about being in your  face.)  And speaking of Jewish American princesses: Item.  A Jewish gal who had lived in the spiritual community in Scotland that I was a member of for many years later on in my life line, and who some of us were visiting with during a Reunion gathering in the Northeast of the States, told - out of the blue; as it were - a ‘dirty’ joke in front of us.  Notice the detail.  We all had been, or were still, members of a ‘spiritual’ community.  And 2: It was the same sort of lack of inhibition regarding sexual ‘matters’.

By then I had come across two bits of information that helped, somewhat, to understand what was going on.  One bit was that I read a short story - by a Jewish writer - who ‘reported’ therein that at least some Jewish men were infatuated with pedophilia.2  And the other was that I found out/realized that the ‘book burning’ that the Nazis engaged in was mostly of porn magazines and books, produced by - drum roll, please - Jews.  And this whole realization, about ‘Jews’ being such an uncouth, subversive lot, was enhanced for me by the reading that I did later on in my life which ‘uncovered’ the fact that the Jews had been kicked out of country after country over the years, for their ‘natural’ subversive activity therein,3 one, and two, that the vast majority of Bolsheviks-cum-apparatchiks of the U.S.S.R. were Jews.  Backed by Western Jewish bankers’ money.  In their attempts, step by stealthy step, to take over and rule the world.  

Being God’s ‘Chosen People,’ and all…   

And so it was not a surprise to me that, over the years that I had been living out of the country, in the spiritual community mentioned above, Hollywood had become such a cesspool - to us ‘straights’.  And not only of a sexual nature.  But of a ‘general’ satanic nature, in a word.

The two going together.  The Jews, then, being ‘of the devil’ - being servants - and long-time at that3 - to those Dark-force entities who wish to keep humans incarcerated in their lower-vibratory prison, to feed off of their lower-vibratory emotions.  Which include - besides lust - fear, and horror.  The hormones triggered thereby of which are apparently a delicacy to them.  Not only in order to keep them ‘young’.  But especially in the slaying of babies and the drinking of their blood, gorged with such good ol’ stuff.  Which apparently beats Coca-Cola all to hell and back.      

And if it weren’t for the fact that a very good growing-up buddy of mine was a Jew, I could well be tempted to believe by now that all Jews were such fiends. 

So, no.  Not anti-Semitic.


P.S. That Mossad was involved in 9/11 is, then, to be expected.  These people whom we are involved with in our reality just think differently from us, is all.  About a lot of things.  And out of it has come a Play, in which they are but playing ‘a’ part.  But at heart, ‘they’ are just like us.  For, they are us. 
     It may be difficult, sometimes, to believe - and feel - that ‘As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself - literally.  For, we are all One.  And All IS One.’  But there you go.  That’s life for you.
     To figure out.
     And figure your way out of.
     In order to get back to your/our Oneness.
     In order, that is to say,
     to go Home again.


1 And UCLA had a large Jewish contingent in the student body and in events on campus, of a largely ‘liberal’ bent. Another, though related, story.    

2 I was to find out later that that kind of activity was not only justified and condoned by Jewish ‘scriptural’ literature (in the Talmud.  From their Babylonian period of captivity) but was positively, seemingly, encouraged.
   Part of the whole business of Jews not only being sexually stimulated early but being cultural game-changers.  And as we are learning, and in spades, with all the current info coming out about pedophilia and child sex trafficking in Hollywood, and elsewhere.  But to continue.

3 This all of course goes way back in their history, as the Old Testament tells us: how they were constantly getting up the nose of their neighbors, to the point that they were constantly being taken into slavery by them.  And who knew enough about the ‘dark arts’ to finally gain their release.  And start the whole thing all over again.
   (Said ‘dark arts’ including the trick of getting involved in the feeding of the royal household of their captors, and enticing them to eat all the nice white-flour goodies that they concocted for them, while they themselves ate the dirty brown stuff meant only for the lowly.  And how thereby, after 70 years of such culinary artistry, they gained their freedom. And the king was reduced to eating grass.
   But to continue.)

And speaking of power perverts:

from ‘Entire Russian Hacking Story Falls Apart’ - J.B. Williams - July 1
(An excellent summary, point by point, of this hoax business, as the MSM has tried and continues to  try to bring down Tump and his administration., in particular CNN, the NYT, and the WaPo.)

Posted at 04:02h, 01 July REPLY

Well put article, JB. Thanks for the clear summary of the matter.

Trump needs to start returning fire, in legal actions, and bring down the fake news media, for unethical use of the public airwaves.

further from ‘The Fake News Must Whither And Die’ - Paul Cappadona - July 1
(Very good summary of the law on such subjects as sedition, and a brief history of how the Fourth Estate grew up in the U.S. as a control feature of very powerful people; with an especially damning quote from David Rockefeller in a speech to top media power brokers in 1991, thanking them for allowing him and his NWO buddies to get their agenda off the ground and running.  “The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in the past centuries,” would-be ‘King’ David had to say to them…) 

Posted at 04:15h, 01 July REPLY

Excellent article. Thanks, Paul.

And also an excellent article by Edwin Vieira Jr. in the same posting of, titled ‘Legal Audacity Is The Answer To Political Aggression,’ wherein Dr. (Ph.D.) Vieira (J.D.) encourages Trump to go, in an already legal-format way (esp.18 U.S.C. 241), after those who are out to get him crippled politically.  (“All of this is obviously intended to instill in Mr. Trump confusion, uncertainty, indecision, self-doubt, and pessimism sufficient to dissuade and disable him from effectively exercising the authority of the Office of President with which the Constitution and other laws of the United States invest him…”  And to attempt to get the American Left to create and further the climate for civil war, and attempted overthrow of the country that way by said NWO power perverts.)

I agree fully with his views.  

It's time to call a halt to the Play.

And start engaging in

the real Thing.

And make our home away from Home a little more in alignment with

the real Thing.

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