Sunday, 2 July 2017

And (Speaking Of) Another Thing......

Why isn’t Hillary in prison by now?  (That’s Hillary Clinton?  You remember her??)  There is plenty of evidence in already that she broke numerous laws while being Secretary of State, including laws involving the charge of treason.  What’s taking so long to exercise justice in this matter of state??

And another thing, while we’re on a specific subject:

Why hasn’t the man who took to calling himself Barack Hussein Obama been arrested and brought to trial on a whole host of charges, including fraud, perjury, and the aforementioned major criminal category of treason?1

And why haven’t there been definitive investigations/hearings into a whole host of criminal activities in this country; headed up by 9/11, but closely followed by: the JFK assassination (with all the information regarding thereof that has leaked out over the intervening years, by the sleuthing of private parties) - and the follow-on assassinations of RFK and MLK, and later on, of JFK Jr. - and also to include the Sandy Hook ‘Exercise,’ the Boston Marathon Bombing ‘Drill,’ the Orlando Nightclub supposed massacre;2 and whatever other acts of political chicanery and outright criminality that have been engaged in over the years in this sorely put-upon country?? 

And besides those kinds of politicized criminal activity, why, for example, aren’t all the cures for cancer that are already known about, known about more widely, and being utilized more widely???  And…and…and……  -  

Oh.  I get it.

It’s all waiting for me to take over now.


So I will.

The days of the American kleptocracy being over.

With extreme prejudice.

Mess with my country, will you………

P.S. And speaking of 'things,' and 'my country': Other 'things' going on in our day and age are: 'the Internet of Things' (including its total surveillance potential, of a corrupt police state); and the federal government having surreptitiously converted American citizens into 'things,' owned by, and to be controlled by, the perps behind all this crap going on.  In our time.  And for some time now.
     All, to be cleaned up.
     On my watch.  


1 Besides being in the office illegally to start with, while in that position of major power in the country he made a number of decisions that weakened this country, for an overthrow by its enemies.  Including its Enemies Within.

2 Everybody stayed in the building while the guy started shooting, with a number of exits available?  (Even with one of them supposedly blocked, by a phony excuse.)  Doctors involved named - to the public - Dr. Lube and Dr. Cheatham??  A couple of supposedly injured guys paraded before the cameras being seat-carried by their buddies, and then let down on the other side of the thus-staged lights-camera-action???… 
   Pull the other one.

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