Thursday, 13 July 2017

That @#$%&* Internet!'

'How about those damn Russkies interfering with our elections, eh?'

'That reminds me - Whatever happened to the fact, as came out via the leaks of the DNC's emails, that the DNC colluded with the Clinton camp to deprive Sanders of wins in the Democrat primaries?'

'I was talking about - '

'Those leaks were damning to both groups.  How come that business hasn't been taken to a court yet?'

'As I was saying, - '

'I understand that one group of Sanders backers has tried to do just that.  And I understand that they are being threatened by The Usual Suspects, and are afraid for their lives in doing so.'

'The Russians - '

'This is an intolerable situation, and needs to be taken care of, pronto.'

'I was taking about the subject of the Russians interfering with our elections.'

'So was I.'

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