Tuesday, 25 July 2017

My Country, 'Tis Of Thee

I went to my local park for the municipal band concert there this evening - the last for us in this area for the season.  And as always, it was a treat.  We are blessed with an excellent conductor, and set of musicians, in this city, who also ‘moonlight’ in film studios, and for other gigs.  A great community activity.  I have enjoyed the Long Beach Municipal Band for many years, ever since I discovered them as a young lad, down at the Shell Bandstand at The Pike.  Which is a shell of its former self.  But the band plays on, as it were.

And while they were playing a set of stirring marches (from various films), it reminded me of something that I was reading about on the Internet just yesterday, I think it was.  I take a whole bunch of e-newsletters from across the political spectrum, to keep tabs on the thinking going on in the country.  In my country.  And yesterday (I think it was. It could have been this morning.  Time flies in mostly wall-to-wall blue sky Eden, in my retirement life here in the sun), on a ‘liberal’ site, there was a report from someone who said that she just can’t stomach the American flag anymore. 

Oh really.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I have been very angry at some of the hijinks that our governments have gotten up to over the years.  Vietnam was the start of a bad spell.  It had a basically legitimate premise: The U.S. as a member of SEATO - that’s the SouthEast Asian Treaty Organization, created as a buffer against any attempts at Communist expansion of either Red China or the Soviet Union - had every right and reason to go in there in support of South Vietnam, which was filled, not only with its native peoples, but Vietnamese from the north, who fled there, voting with their feet against the communist takeover of their homeland.  But the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which proved to be a hoax?  And the whole No-Win War aspect of it; American and other Allied forces stuck there, like to a tar baby, while our troops were bled dry but the military-industrial complex made out like the bandits that they are??1  And then, when that war had been kept going on for as long as the MIC managers of it could manage, and ended ingloriously for our forces and those of our SEATO allies, came the Afghani and Iraqi debacles.  Wins in Iraq - both times - but at what cost.2  And there we are still, protecting the Afghani poppy fields for the heroin trade…

I could go on.  But you get the picture: Not all admittedly is well with America.  But these sorts of events denigrate the Stars and Stripes.  They don’t personify the flag.  So get your facts straight, and your priorities right, snowflakes.  In the meantime, honor the flag of your country.  It has a basically decent and honorable history as its embodiment.  A lot of honorable men and women bled and died and fought over the years for what it essentially stands for.  In a word: Freedom.

And I do understand that what that snowflake was most probably referring to was the election of Donald Trump over Hillary.  For which her response is simply puerile, and extremely insulting to what that flag stands for, in its essence.  Which, I say a little further into the subject, is the nobility of the individual human being, as a child of God; rather than a mere integer, a slave to the almighty state.    

And if you really can’t stand it here, please:

Go live elsewhere.

Go on.


My Country.

May she ever be right.

But right or wrong,

My Country.

And if you think that’s xenophobic,

you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


1 JFK was warned by Gen. Douglas MacArthur, in a private conversation in the latter’s retirement hotel room in New York City, against ‘getting bogged down in a land war in Asia’.  And it could well have been partly to his apparently taking that advice to heart that TPTB assassinated him.  Or at least, had him assassinated.  By their ‘wet works’ operatives.
   Another story.

2  And both of them orchestrated by the same nest of vipers.  For two reasons: 1) To make money - big money.  (As all wars are, and do.)  And 2) To weaken us at home, with their teammates in our educational institutions constantly ragging on the U.S. for ‘playing cop around the world against people of color’.  Part of the Party line invented for the occasion.  The occasion, hoped for by them, of our downfall, like a ripe piece of fruit.  Right into their NWO Power Over Others (aka POO) lap…


from newswithviews.com: ’Sessions Should Withdraw His Recusal And Fire Mueller’ - Kelleigh Nelson - July 25/26

Posted at 05:30h, 26 July 

It’s obvious now that Rosenstein was up to no good, with his buddy Mueller. So all bets are off. It is thus a different ball game, Jeff. I agree with Kelleigh: Un-recuse yourself, and fire Mueller, for taking his brief out of bounds.

The MSM will have a hissy fit? Tough. They don’t run this country. Even if they think they do. Time to put them in their place, too.

No more Mr. Nice Guy. That is just a sign of weakness to these revolutionaries, who are trying to establish a Marxist regime in this country, and take it into the New World Order agenda for global control. They need to be stopped. Now.

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