Sunday, 3 August 2014

Address To The Nation

(Date/Time: Shortly in the future)

My fellow Americans

This is to announce that the man who has taken to calling himself Barack Hussein Obama, and who has been illegally occupying the office of the president of the United States since his first illegally acquired term in that office, has been taken into custody, by elements of the Oathkeepers of the nation, both active and retired, and of the Constitutional Sheriffs Association.  He is being held for trial in a court of law, on a number of charges, including his basic ineligibility for the office in the first place, and various unconstitutional actions that he has engaged in while ensconced in that purloined office.  He has been unharmed in his apprehension, and will continue to be unharmed while in custody.  His crimes against the American Republic are many; but unlike its enemies - under his active leadership (there are others involved behind the scenes) - he will be accorded both the letter and the spirit of the rule of law.  

A word about 'the rule of law' in this country.  Some citizens - and their elected representatives - seem to have fallen under the misapprehension that the president - OR the Congress - can do whatever he, or it, elects to.  This is an erroneous take on things; which is a sad commentary, I will note in passing, on the subverted degree of educational integrity that has been allowed to grow up in this country.  In this country, the rule of law is exemplified by the Constitution of the United States of America, and of each sovereign state's constitution; and by laws enacted in pursuance of each thereof.  Neither the executive nor the legislative branches of government can just do whatever they wish to, as though they were unencumbered by the rule of law.  

I would just note here that it was Hitler, upon his accession to the Chancellorship of Germany, who made the bold statement that, quote: "I am the law."  And it took a world war to tell him, and his followers, No, you are not.

We come now to the charges against the man who has taken to calling himself Barack Hussein Obama.  And I emphasize this point, about his name, because he has not always used that name; and that, in fact, is one of the charges against him, and is why he lost his license to practice law: for having stated, under oath, that the has never gone by any other name than the one he presented with at that time.  But the charges rapidly grow more and more serious around him:

* He has unofficially declared and taken the nation into war with another sovereign state, without the specific consent of Congress, as required by the Constitution - by the rule of law;  

* He has conjured into being a veritable invasion of the border states, in the form of illegal aliens; whereas he, along with the Congress, is accorded by the Constitution the duty to "protect each (State) against Invasion…";

* More specifically to the executive alone, he is guilty of malfeasance of duty as regards his constitutional requirement to 'take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…" Which does not mean - clearly rules out - that he can pick and choose which laws he wishes to "execute" and which laws he doesn't;

* He has sicced the IRS, the NSA, the FCC, the EPA, the DoJ, and the DHS on his political enemies, trying to silence their voice in the land; the better to take it over, and "transform" it into a mere region - the borderless North Atlantic Union - of the New World Order of his masters. 

And I could go on, and on, and on.

It can be asked, Why not let the Congress, in an impeachment indictment, set the charges?  The answer is twofold.  No.1: Impeachment is a process doing with/pertaining to a legally sitting president, who, while in the office, engages in what the Congress deems 'high Crimes and Misdemeanors'.  Obama is not a legally sitting president; he is an imposter, a fake, a fraud.  No. 2: It has failed to discharge its duty in this regard.  And Justice deferred is Justice denied.  (The same with attempts by various citizens to get a fair ruling on the Usurper's ineligibility for the office in various courts of law.)      

At this point, it can fairly be asked of those of us Citizens who have taken the bull by the horns in this matter: If you people are so big on the Constitution, isn't what you are doing unconstitutional?  Answer: Yes we are, and No it isn't.  We are just pre-empting Obama in declaring a state of national emergency, occasioned by the failure of either him or the Congress to function within their constitutional limitations, and to their constitutional responsibilities.  The nation was in peril.  Its Oathkeepers acted in its defense.      
If the United States of America is to change, it is to change for the better. Not the worse.  The latter of which options would have been its fate, if it had stayed in the guiding hands of the statist - with elements of both socialism and fascism in its makeup -  Barack Hussein Obama.  

Whatever his real name is.

All of which will come out in a - legitimate - court of law.  And will include the illegal and immoral actions of some citizens - and non-citizens - on the other side of the political aisle, too.

The threat to the nation having come from other quarters as well.  All to be revealed, now; in this Day of Truth to unfold.  Not just for America.  But for all of humanity.  For, as the playwright said: 'Affairs are now soul size.  The enterprise is exploration into God.'

Stay tuned for more details.  And for what YOU can do, to hasten the demise of the corrupt Old; and its replacement by the long-desired, now to come into being, New.

For a New Era to unfold.  On Earth.  As things are in the various degrees and dimensions of Heaven.

As we are about to engage in a process of Ascension.  Bringing Heaven truly on Earth.  Although, in fact, that process is the other way around…   

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