Sunday, 24 August 2014

Deconstructing The Ferguson Incident

The shooting
In Ferguson
Of  Michael Brown
By Police Officer
Darren Wilson
Was unfortunate.
It would appear
Around the same time
As this incident
In small-town Missouri
Some young black kids -
About the same age
As Brown - beat 
An old white man
To death
In America
Was the outrage
Over that?

'We're just getting
Our own back
Is all
After years
Of oppression.      
We're entitled.'

Don't give me
That horseshit.
Give me the reins
Of this country
And I'll show you
What this old horse
Can really do
Under different management.

You chose the orchestrated
Affair.  That is to say
It was chosen for you;
                       and you
Did not question it.
That you are
And have been
Made of
For a long, long time.  
       to have seen
What is going on...          

I'm getting too big
For this body.
                     I need
A larger one -
              a larger
               Give me
      a country -
My country - 
And I''ll show you
What one man can do
With his army
of likeminded souls,

And what I am here
                          to do

      It's time for bear.
                     And to
Bear my testimony…

Until we can root out 
All the traitors in our midst,
                      we need
To have emergency backup.
           That is to say
          of the likes of  
Short-wave radio
If the Dark forces try
To take down 
The Internet
          they disappear
Their job done

As ours just begins
                        as we
Clean out the likes of
The NSA,
         and put these vermin
Where they belong:
In their FEMA camps,
                    and turn
Those tables on them.

As they prepare for
Their Takeover Day, we
                must prepare
For war, too.
But with a difference.
            The near Left
And the near Right
We have the same
The no-win-war bankers
                   and their
Industrial partners
In sordid crime.
                     It's time
To take them down
                   Join in
That festivity
You over there
On the Left.  But
The Left must understand
One thing: 
The difference between right
And wrong. 
                      and not
Just as in who says it.

                    Take the case
Of illegal aliens 
For good example.
The illegal alien business
(And the Right
          is at fault
  in this caper, too)
Is like a cyst
            and on
The body politic.
It needs to be lanced
                and the pus
That has been generated in it
Drained away

               for the creation
Of a better day
For all of humanity.

And I'm just the man
To do it
To this occasion
            that The Play
              of Light
                and Dark
Be done.

And speaking of color
in actual point of fact
               I wasn't;
but to make a point)
I don't give a damn
What color anyone is
                or religion
For that matter.
(We're all the same
Under the skin
Of these skin suits
That we wear
To play our parts in
Over and over again
Anyway; now one,
And now Another.)
That's not the point.
            The point is
        the corruption
Going on.
          Which needs to
Have an end put to it.
And, like, 

Which we are all here
To do.  Whether
We know it
Or not

in this Turning Point
In Time.
               And just
In time
It would appear.

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