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And Speaking Of Corruption...

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Yes, but we now vote by computers--no longer the trusty lever booths, which I thought were the best. This makes me suspicious, because a computer program can easily be rigged, and that rigging may easily go undetected. Who ordered these computers to be used? Why did we have to, when the old-style booths did it well enough? I wonder what's behind it. So it could be our votes are meaningless, if someone can change the results secretely, which a computer can easily do. I'd like to have assurances that this can be and is being prevented.
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  • Stan Stanfield
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  • Absolutely, Richard. The voting process is meaningless - a farce, a charade - if it isn't cleaned up, and 'trued'. Voting rolls cleansed (of dead people's names, duplicate voters, and ineligible voters), photo ID required to vote, and back to a paper-trail way of voting. The corruption in the system as it is is overwhelming. People on both sides of the nominal political aisle should be engaging in this process in their states, so that we can trust the results, and demonstrate a model of real democracy to the world. Not a model of corruption. 
  • Make no mistake. We are letting not only our own country down, as things stand in this area. But the world. It is a disgraceful state of affairs. Come on, America. We can do better than this. 

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Julia R Melchin Charlie 2 hours ago

So if they wanted to, they could sneak it into vaccines, ... We would have one and never know it.


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    • Word is that they already have. That's why 'they' keep trying to get people to line up for their flu shots, or the latest vax for the latest viral scare.

    • Any gov't like the ones that we have had for some years now, i.e., with a totalitarian, people-control mentality, is not to be trusted. There needs to be a massive reaction to their machinations, and 'throw the bums out'. At the least, keep a close eye on the alternative media, for your info on what's going down in our day.


As to the latter point: Check out jimstonefreelancedotcom under a search for 'Israeli bacteriophage'.  Article details the info behind an Israeli-developed bacteriophage that is a brain-eating 'nanobot' bioweapon.  Being put in the likes of the Gardasil vaccine; thus the cause of all the 'brain-on-fire' reports in its wake.  Also, see the Alex Jones infowarsdotcom video of August 3 2010 on the same sort of subject.

I'm not a believer in the Bible, with human fingerprints all over it making it impossible to take seriously.  But this shit going down in our day certainly can qualify as the sort of Mark of the Beast crap that was envisioned in the Revelation book of same.

Regardless: Heads will roll.  For God will not be mocked.

And you can bet on it, as a given.

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