Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Crown & The Sceptre

The Lion's Gate.
I enter in
And claim my crown.

             No more
Pale imitations of
The Real Thing.
You are no longer
To steal from some
               in order
To give to others.
               You are
All in this together
In my kingdom.

                  To say
The kingdom of Heaven
Not my Will but Thine
Be done;
       and wherein as well
All are equal.  And some
More equal than others
In a good way.

So be it.

Cling not
To the past.
Let it go.
It is time to.
To move on
The New.

It is our Fate to
        To take wing
And fly
Like the birds of a feather
We Are.
       Which flock together
When it is Time to.


       …the current king
Has but played a role
In a larger scenario
Is all
We left the rule of law behind
A long, long time ago
And the only people
Who don't understand
That dangerous fact
On the ground
             as it were
Are patriots.

Let the perpetraitors
Be accursed
But not too much
               since -
           as I say -
They have been but players
On a stage -
              but played a part
   in the passing pageantry
Of Life.

Now to take on
New Life

And be celebrated
            by One
And All.

And that is all.

That Play
Is over.

It is Time -
   as I say -
For the Real Thing.

Do we decree

             and I
Take over now
And bring us Home.
The Navigator
That I AM

And We Are too

We Are All in this

                  A flock
Of birds.  Feeling
Our Nature.


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