Saturday, 2 August 2014

And The Beat Goes On

1) from 'Obama Signs Executive Order to Allow Detention of Americans With 'Respiratory Illnesses' - Aug. 1


first of all bush's referred to SARS... and obama's refers to "sever acute respiratory syndromes"... what do you people think SARS is? what do you think it stands for? second... infowars? really? and you people want to know why you're view as a bunch of conspiracy weirdos. QUIT USING ALEX JONES as id he's a credible source of information.

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Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University  (Aug. 2)

Blair, if you had done half the work that Alex Jones has done over the years trying to alert the public to what is going on in this country, you would be worth listening to. As it is, you aren't. Go away.


We did not have this detention problem before he came into our lives, this is the beginning of his detentions, this is what he said in a speech in Brussels, "For the international order we have worked for generations to build, ordinary men and women are to small minded to governing their own affairs, order and progress can only come when they surrender their rights to and all powerful sovereign." So we better load and cock because he is planning more.

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  • Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Aug. 2)
  • Lawrence, you need to check your source on that quote. In the speech's context, he was referring to the 'thinking' of some people, who he then distanced himself from. Now, he could have been being clever, and figured to get away with a point that he actually wanted people to take away with them in the guise of referring to a point that he wasn't claiming for himself. Also, to get patriots to look silly who are given only that part of his talk, and think he was referring to his own position on the subject; the better for his minions to shoot them down/make fun of them with. In any event: don't blindly pass that part of his speech on as if he said that about his own thinking on the subject. He did not. 
  • Beware the disinfo agents amongst us. This whole thing is going to start heating up, as the NWO Cabal figure to make their move, before they lose us, in the greater info that is getting out to the public now, about their erstwhile Masters' shenanigans. Forewarned is forearmed.
We must NEVER lose sight of the fact that TPTB have been caught putting agents in vaccines that are designed either to weaken us or kill us,* or put nano-particles in us that can be activated at a future time, to do either of the above, or other nefarious activity.  These are outright EVIL characters that we are up against.  They are of the legions of Satan.  And THEY need to be quarantined.

* They have also put anti-fertility agents in vaccines, for young girls; particularly in Third-world countries.  Too clever by half, these People-Control criminals.


2) from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'Ebola: covert op in a hypnotized world, by Jon Rappoport' -  Aug 2 - orig. at
(An excellent article; with an excellent Comment to it here by 'Ed')

kibitzer3 says:
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I echo Jean’s comment, Ed – thanks for this detailed report.
We really need to keep hammering away on public sites, to get the word out: These people who are trying to do us, and the U.S., in are disinfo agents & experts at their job. Spread the truth about the loaded vaccines they are trying to get us to take, and the fear porn that they are spreading in order to get us to succumb to Martial Law, and the rule of men – their rule – not the Constitution any longer.
Things are obviously heating up. Hold the vision for a positive, spiritual outcome; and the demise of these our erstwhile Masters.


3) from 'Stockman: Border Bill's 'A Trap'' - Garth Kant - Aug. 1 

gary GeorgiaPeachie 8 hours ago (Aug. 2)

and what makes you think the illegal Hispanics won't vote in November ? the dems are criminals and violating the law means nothing to them


  • GeorgiaPeachie gary 7 hours ago 

  • Patriots had better get involved with the voting process in their respective states!

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    • kibitzer3 GeorgiaPeachie a minute ago 

    • Amen, GeorgiaPeachie. The vote means NOTHING if it isn't trued. Forcing every state's Sec. of State to have the registration rolls cleaned, of dead people's names & duplications on other precinct's lists & such, and pushing for commonsense voter photo ID at the polls - is a MUST. The whole so-called democratic exercise will go bust if we don't get rid of the massive voter fraud going on. First things first, people.

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