Monday, 4 August 2014

Address To The Nation - II

My Fellow Americans

It has come to our attention that some citizens are saying that the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama was doing the country, and the world, a favor in helping us move our consciousness out of thinking just in terms of nation-states, which attitude can sow a sense of separation and discord among peoples, when what is needed now is a move to cooperation between all peoples, on a finite planet.  To which argument I will respond by saying:

Well, yes; and, the devil is in the details, as they say.  To say:

He would do it by the use of Force.  The force of the whip of the masters over the slaves.  Whereas the United States of America has spoken to the world of a different way of being, regarding the role of the individual in human affairs.  Not as a monopoly capitalist and totally free enterpriser out to ravage the environment.  But in recognizing the innate dignity of the individual, as a sovereign being in his or her own right; not merely a cipher of the state, doomed but to do the bidding of a Controller class, or be done away with, as a nuisance with a conditioned conscience. 

We humans are facets, fractals, aspects, points of view, hologrammatic parts of One Holy Being - our mutual Source; the All That Is, experiencing Itself through Us.  We have aspects of divinity within us - are aspects of divinity.  The American nation-state, in recognizing the important, even necessary, role of the individual in human affairs - even to the point of  celebrating it - has kept alive, not only that spark of divinity in us, but the notion of it.  And may it ever be so, through all the changes that are now afoot - that humanity goes through, in the way of structures and forms, along its path of experience.   

What Western Civilization has been all about.  That beleaguered notion, that our erstwhile Keepers have tried to ween us away from, in getting us to accept ourselves as simply being parts of a terrestrial collective.  Like ants.  

We lose sight of that crucial element to and of life - that we are part, and a crucial part, of a larger Whole - to our peril.

This comment - and in this context, of emphasizing the role of the individual in human affairs, and in the creation experience itself - affords me the opportunity to expand a bit on other charges facing the incipient king of our federal constitutional Republic:

* He was moving to take away the individual's right, in this country, to defend him- or herself from the oppression of the state.  That is not right.  That is a denial of an inalienable right, in the terms of this nation's founding documents.  It was one of the main targets of our erstwhile masters; and it could not be allowed to stand.

* He has been involved with the falsifying of a legal document.  That is a felony, and alone is sufficient to remove him from the office he has dishonored by his illegal occupancy of it, and by what he has done during his time of occupancy of it.  

The man is not above the law.  He may think of himself as '"the law" - as Hitler did.  But he is not.  And his followers would do well to stop trying to put him in that category.  It demeans them as well as him. 

A closing word to that concept.  It is true that we are coming to the point where our History as we have known it will end, and The Play will draw to a close; at which point, we humans will be led by those who ARE The Law; embody The Law, by being in perfect alignment with the Highest Will.  But until then, we need to beware of false prophets.

Like the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama.  Who, to his credit, has helped to bring us to this Conclusion time (this factor acting in mitigation): by setting up the dynamic for a crowning reaction - the final Synthesis stage of the historical evolutionary process on Earth - to his attempts to help establish a human, and merely humanistic, World Order.

Or at its worst: such a World Order ruled over by Satan, the fallen angel, rebel to God's kingdom, for wanting to have one for himself.  Rather than be given one, in the fullness of his development, as a Son of our mutual Father-Mother God.

In Whose name actually we Oathkeepers have acted; to clear the way for the establishment of the rightful kingdom on this planet. This living Being, going through Her own process of Ascension; as we do as well.

More on which, anon.  But this additional material should be enough to chew on, for now.  And act on, in your own, individual, life.

Coming further into alignment with your own Higher Self.       

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