Thursday, 21 August 2014

Here Am I

Here Am I.  Send Me.
(AKA Redefining Me)

I have some news
For some people:
Is not going to go the way
Of the Roman Republic
Into Empire
From within
By the work
Of termites.

Beheadings, and such
Other provocations -
   whether real
Or not (manufactured
Crisis)  -
       will be taken
As just that.
It's just the sort of thing
For example
That the Mossad would do
To start a war
Wilh their enemies
Via their 'friends'
In name only
As they do
Under the philosophy
Of 'Whatever It Takes'
To accomplish your end.

That game
Is over.

There is a power
Behind all this shit
               going on
These days,
      and that power
Needs to be broken.
And I am just the man
To do it.

Choose your weapon
And your side.
It's going to be
An inferesting ride
Into the Future.

So mote it be.


And I have a word to say
To Christians
At this point:
Check your premises
With a good flashlight
With long-lasting batteries.
You are likely to find
Some surprises.

Biut don't worry.
The Truth will out.
And that's what you want
Too.  Isn't it??

Give a little
To get a little
And you'll be right.

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