Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Message To The Nation - IV

My Fellow Americans

We have been asked, What do we do about the judicial branch of government.  My answer: By and large, we ignore them at this time.  Just as they ignored the issue of Barack Obama's ineligibility for the office that he was illegally occupying.

Justice deferred is Justice denied.  They have failed to do their job; they are to be hoisted on their own petard.  For a time.

And if someone tries to say in response, 'We elected him; that's all that matters,' my reply is: Don't insult my intelligence.

We will deal with the judicial branch of government just as it dealt with the rule of law in this country.

Besides, new governance is to come into being, anyway.

As I say: Stay tuned.  More will be revealed, as it is the time to.  As this planet joins the 'hosts of heaven,' in solidarity with the Higher Law.  To be governed by the Dark forces no longer; in the process of awakening that is going on, to our true identity.

The Light will rule.

Which is its job.

Oh - And there have been questions about the banks, and the monetary system in general.

The same answer applies.  It is all about to undergo a major change, in fact a paradigm shift.  Signaled by the imminent collapse of the U.S. dollar.  How soon that may happen may be sooner than some people think.  As I say, the U.S. dollar is about to go under, with the BRICS nations cutting it loose, or rather, cutting loose from it, and with Saudi Arabia no longer trading in it; and with it, goes the status quo.  But it is ultimately for the best.

More on all that to come as well.

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