Monday, 18 August 2014

America Is...

(Under New Management
          Any Day Now)

America is no longer
In the sordid business
       of creating
       a permanent
Welfare class.
If you want to just
Do your thing
And take no responsibility
For your actions
             then move
To another country
And have your fling
         there, where
They will tolerate you.
But no longer here.
               America ia
Uncle Sugar
No more.

And that goes for you
and you
and you
You harbingers
Of disaster 
Who know who you are.


      It's Time

The poor dears in the federal
Government are not responsible
For their ignorance about 
Their proper jobs.  Oh no.
                              The fault
Lies with their education.
They obviously were not taught
The difference between
A federal constitutional republic,
The centralized socialist system
That they seek; blindly,
                          or not.
So, don't blame them.
If you have to blame anyone
Outside of yourself,
Their educators.
                  Their liars.
        Their deceivers.
              The whores
To their great god Marx.
                     Now to get
Failing marks themselves, in
The changes - not only
In administration
But direction.

And that is why
It's time;
   and almost past
To do something about it
        With the wherewithal
We have at hand.
                    The grand
Galactic federation
To come later
We have proven ourselves worthy
To be a part -
An active part -
Of the neighborhood.
And that means: Good
If not great.
It's late
Either way.
Let's get cracking
            to fulfill
 our individual
Purposes in being here
At this time
Of exacting measure.

So: Remove yourself, Obama
                        or whatever
Your real name is.  Others
Have their work to get to
Now; and you're
In the way
Of the Awakening -
Of the Completion
Of History
           the Disclosure
Of our rightful
Place in the galaxy
      and the Ascension
Of those of us - with Gaia -
Are ready.

To all of which:
Time will tell

as many of us prepare
To leave the illusion
Of separation
And fly
Like the birds -
And of a feather -
That we innately Are.

…as for
The Dark Ones -
                  to say
With no compassion -
Have been very good
At playing their roles
In The Drama
Unfolding us to our
Divine Destination.
That doesn't mean that they
           can get away
With their sordid crimes
Against humanity.
             The times
Will not allow it,
                   nor will
The Lords of Karma.
Justice, though being served,
Will be tempered
With Mercy.
                     For that is
The Way,
                  of Light
               and Love
Fitting together
Like a hand in a glove.

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