Friday, 8 August 2014

Message To The Nation: On The 'Illegal Aliens' Question

My Fellow Americans

I have been asked about the illegal aliens in the country; or 'undocumented workers,' as they were euphemistically called, by those who were attempting to overthrow the United States of America and its rule of law, as exemplified by the national constitution; whether they realized it at the time or not.

The answer is very simple: They return to their home countries.  A voluntary return will do the job, when the honey pot that has attracted many of them to this country - in the way of all the welfare and other 'freebies' that they have been getting - has its lid screwed back on, and tightly.  

I have been further asked about their children that have been born here. The answer to that question is very simple as well: If they have not already entered legally into next steps within this country, they return with their parents to their parents' home country, as the responsibility of their parents, and their parents' home country.

I have then been asked, How is that fair?  My answer to that question is very simple as well:

The children of illegal aliens are not innocent 'victims' of and in this matter.  They chose to incarnate into their situation.  They took their chances.  They lost.

The souls that won in this regard are the ones who have been waiting patently, with their parents, to come into the country by way of its front door; and to become, in good time, properly proud Americans.

Would you really expect any less of and from a universe of perfect Justice?

As to the cutting off of the 'freebies' to illegal aliens:

Those are intended for American citizens and legal residents only.  America cannot be one big goody bag for the whole world.  It can help bring about a better world.  Which we are in the process of facilitating as we speak.  And we help around the world as we can.  But what has been going on, inside and outside of the country, has been contrary to ethical standards.  It has been the equivalent of theft.  Taking from some and giving it to others.  The philosophy of communism;  which is a morally reprehensible concept.

People are entitled to the fruits of their labors.  Plain and simple.

Now, I understand, that some illegal aliens have come into this country and worked hard.  And I can sympathize with them, to a certain extent.  Because they were seduced into breaking the law by unscrupulous employers, who wished to cut their labor costs by employing illegal aliens 'under the table,' so to speak.  And those employers are facing justice for their crimes, again as we speak.  But two wrongs don't make a right.  We are starting a fresh slate.  And it will be started, as the name implies, clean.

Now, as to the future.

Everything will change, when we bring in the kingdom of Heaven, and the concept of 'money' - itself; let alone the concept of interest-bearing money, and its partner in crime, fractional-reserve banking - changes dramatically; in a system that functions, not on the profit motive, nor with the state wielding a big stick, but on Love; in its essence: Out of our gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  And once 'you' start working with The Flow - meaning, as well, Abundance - money - properly a means to an end; not an end in itself - gets in the way of the operation.

Not to go into all those details here.  Just to clarify, that the Cleaning-out going on, and the 'Setting to Rights,' for a solid base to launch from, is but a temporary stage, before the full Monty, as it were.  When we will be living in perfect alignment with Spirit - with the Will of our Creator Source.  The All That Is.  And then, watch us take off.  

For more on all of which -

Stay tuned.  

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