Sunday, 17 August 2014

Back To School

(Back screen door heard slamming shut)

'Mom, I'm hungry.'

'And hello to you too, lil' darlin'.  As to fulfilling your needs: Make yourself a sandwich.  You're not helpless.  I'm not your maid.'

'Yes you are, and no I'm not, that's true.'

'Wait.  What?'

'I said, yes you are my maid, and - '

'Hold it right there, buster.  What's that all about?  What are they teaching you in school these days?'

'Things like mothers are to wait on their children hand and foot, like the little princes and princesses they are.  And like the roles we chose to take on, in coming back, for more.'

'More.  More what.  More peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?'

'More life.  More roles, to play.'

'Get - your - finger - out - of - my - creation.  And what is this nonsense you're splewing.'

'Spewing.  That life is a school, and we're here to learn lessons in it.  And when we learn all our lessons, we graduate.'

''Graduate.  Into what.  Snot-nosed big kids?'   

'Into the higher grades, he said, ignoring his frazzled mother.'

'Thank you for noticing.  And what is this 'higher' business.  Higher than life??'

'Higher than 3D life.'

'What's wrong with '3D life,' as you so snottily put it.'

'No I didn't.  I was just stating a fact.  And there's nothing wrong with it; except it's just for undergraduates.  There's so much more to get to.'

'Well until then, why don't you 'get to' making your own snack.'



'I was just kidding.'


'About your being my maid.'

'Well.  That's a relief.'

'You are actually my microwave oven.  And I just pressed your button.'

'Get out of here!'

'I can't.  I live here.  You wouldn't want me to end up out on the street, would you?'

'Sometimes.  Like now.'

'You're sweet, too.'

'That's your low blood sugar talking.'

'What.  You're not a sweet mother?'

'And you're a little darlin'.  Exasperating, at times.  But basically, a little darlin'.'

'Except when I'm your father.'

'That's it.  Out of my kitchen!  Go away.  Snot-nosed kid…'

'This time around, Mom.  This time around.'

'Git!  And don't come back.  Until you learn to behave yourself.'


'Like what.'

'Like a snot-nosed kid??  -

'Just sayin'…


As are we all.

Up.  A notch.

Out of 'here'.  And into

The New.

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