Sunday, 3 August 2014

One Man's Collapse...

On Sunday

Take heart.  It is
The End of History
As we have known it
            for humanity
To enter another
Higher stage
Of our development:
         the New Age
Of some small renown -
           of those on
The cutting edge.
Lightworkers, leading the way
Towards the New Horizon
Into the New Era.

It has been anticipated
By those on the Dark side as well.
To whom I can only say
To the fact that
God moves in mysterious ways
His wonders to perform.
And Hers as well;
               not forgetting
The Wholeness of things
In this creation.

               Well done.
Have made it
To the Finish line
                by saying
            and meaning
'Let not my will but Thine
Be done
On Earth
As it is
In Heaven'

for what it's worth.

Just saying.

This; and one more thought
For now:
              Aren't you tired yet
Of just playing parts
In a Drama?
Don't you want to look
                     and see
Behind the curtain??

             It is certain
That it will happen
            You might
As well choose it
Into being

      and that way
Get a head start
On the process
Of the collapse
Of the Old
Into the New

World Order indeed.
Just not the one
Planned for it
By mere mortals
With intimations
Of immortality.

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