Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Message To The Nation: On The Clean-Up

My Fellow Americans

I can now make a progress report on the cleaning-out and restocking going on in the various departments of the executive branch of the federal government.  

And to clarify, about that process: All personnel of the executive branch have been instructed to hand in their resignation notices, and will be accepted back after a rigorous vetting process has weeded out those who have demonstrated a propensity either to outright criminal activity or an antipathy to moral conduct, and to loyalty to the American republic and its basic principles and values; for example, those who have attempted to squelch whistleblowing of wrongdoing on the part of others in their area of awareness.  And this includes all those from the industrial sector who have been placed in positions of responsibility and power over the very institutions that they are supposed to have been overseeing.  A core group of which are: the Food And Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Environmental Protection Agency.    

Take the EPA as an example.  It is supposed to have been protecting the environment; however, it has allowed a toxic substance, fluoride, to pollute our inner and outer environments; contrary to the advice of many of its scientist advisers.  Fluoride, as many of you will have known by now, has, as a poison and enzyme inhibitor, a detrimental effect on the body, including cancer of the bone; and including being the responsible agent for a calcification of the pineal gland, which is our linking agent to the wider reality of which this material matrix that we are embedded in is but a part.  It got its unearned reputation as being good for teeth primarily because it was a toxic byproduct of the atomic bomb secret weapons industry during the Second World War, which was adversely affecting cattle in the vicinity of that production process, and the government of the day put scientists on the job of trying to figure out what to do, in a hush-hush way, about this problem.  In doing so, they created another one, when in their Eureka moment they seized on the idea that fluoride was an ingredient of hard water, which was known to be good for tooth enamel.  Unfortunately, that fluoride was in a different form from the toxic one that they were interested in dealing with, and promoting in some way; also, fluoride makes bone brittle, not hard, thus more easily broken, as in hips of old people.  (Artificially fluoridated water is not allowed for use in dialysis machines; another tip-off about its true nature.)  Other minerals are what make hard water so good for tooth enamel.  Unfortunately, there is no great industrial production of magnesium, for example, either as primary product or as by-product, else we would not have had the problems that we have had, with fluoride, for so long; the profit motive being what it is.  Or rather, has been..  And incidentally, the atom bomb production process is not the only source of environment-damaging fluoride, with its being a toxic waste by-product of a couple of other major industries in particular, those being the artificial fertilizer and the aluminum industries.  Thus: A scam.  Sold to the public by experts in 'public relations' - to say: propaganda.     

The FDA has been guilty of the same sort of scamming operation, with representatives of the very industries that it has been supposed to regulate being slipped into positions of authority there; and then returning to their cushy jobs in their home industry when the job was done, in the revolving-door, unholy alliance between industry and government that has been going on.  And is now being ended.  For good.

Two of the main toxic-ingredient culprits in this Food and Drug Administration scam, outrageously allowed into our foods by this immoral process, have been aspartame and brominated vegetable oils (BVO); the latter of which substance (and under innocuous names) has been the primary responsibility factor for the veritable epidemic of clinical obesity, and the myriad health problems consequent thereto, that has afflicted the American public in particular - and the peoples of other nations in general, because of the international reach of these multinational corporations that have been in positions of such control and power over the populace.  And those sorts of stories, of abuse of power - as in the cover-up regarding cancer, and its effective treatments (and prevention); which would demolish the multi-billion-dollar industry that has grown up around it  - go on, and on.     

We have put a triumvirate of honest and knowledgeable medical persons in charge of the clean-out of the FDA, the CDC, and the NIH in particular; consisting of Doctors Russell L. Blaylock, Joseph Mercola, and Mike Adams, with their team of holistic medicine-oriented advisers.     

And speaking of the individuals who will help us clean up the mess that we have gotten ourselves into: that 'mess' and its cleanup includes the establishing now of comprehensive investigatory hearings on 9/11, and the taking-down of the culprits behind that outrageous act.  Who are far from the patsies out in front that the public has been given to believe are the perpetrators, to pay attention to.  These hearings, which are being put in place as we speak, will be overseen by an impeccable team being headed by Dr. Kevin Barrett of the 9/11 Truth Movement; former FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds; and the 'dynamic duo' of ex-Marine pilot Field McConnell and David Hawkins, self-described 'forensic economists' who have researched the 9/11atrocity in detail and come up with a 'follow the money' trail leading to culprits involved in the terrible 'likes' of death-by-plane technology and spread-bet events, leading to gambling winners on others' demise.  

And leading to their downfall, now; as our research into what has been going on in our dark day takes us far afield, into areas that should wake us all up with a start.

A start on our Ascension path.  Out of such a dark environment as we have allowed to grow up around us; and to keep us from growing up.    

No longer.     

More details to follow, about this process of setting-to-rights that is going on.  Which is necessary, for humanity to launch itself into the heavens from.

Not from the ignoble base that we inhabit at this time.  

And we ask you, each in your own lives, to join in the setting-to-rights process that is going on around you.  To make it complete.  Outside.  And in.

That we may resonate to our highest potential. And thereby, attract to us, all of our highest potential.  Including help from our galactic neighbors, and our own species's Ascended Masters.  

Who have all been patiently waiting for this day, to celebrate, with us, our release from the incarceration that we have been in; for a very long time, in material terms.  For long enough, now.  Having learned our lessons, sufficient to graduate now.


Just a short ways to go, yet…

Stay tuned.  

And in, and to, your own lives.  For what your personal role in this process is to be.

For, we can't do it without you.

For, You are Us.

A part of Us.

Who are All the parts of our mutual Source. The Supreme Intelligence.  The All That Is.

Experiencing Itself, through Us.

Through our challenges.

And our accomplishments.

Now, to be our major accomplishment:

Lift off.

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