Monday, 25 August 2014

Under New Management

My Fellow Americans:

Welcome to the New
             A few words
In explanation.
         First of all, there
Will be a cleansing
Of the voter rolls
And of the voting process
Itself.  At least
Regarding federal elections.
American citizens
Are being disenfranchised
                           the way
Things are
At the moment.
Dirty voter rolls, people
Voting who should not be
And voting double…
                       the list
                of atrocities
Goes on.  To qualify
For federal elections
                  the states
Must clean up their acts
In this regard.  What they do
In their own state elections
Is their business - to say
The business of the citizens
Of that state.  But
Fraudulent national elections
Are over
               and will be
no more.  That Day
Is done.
The rights of the individual
                        as over
And against the majority
Are sacrosanct
                 in this country
At least.  Democracy
Has different formats.
                   The individual
Being the doormat
Of the majority
Is not one that will
Be entertained
Here.  After all,
We are talking about
Free will, and a fair
Exercise thereof.
               (Will there be
A collective factor too?
                 Of course.
            are all in this
There will be no more
Of this police state nonsense
Of drones over America
And such.  Talk about
                           a turd
In a punchbowl…
           …not in my country
You won't.

Next: the sight
Of clean air
And waters
Is appealing
To me
And others
The Native Americans.
 Let's not desecrate
       the land
Any further than
We already have.
                 join in
On a Great Cleanup
Of Her.

And that should do
For starters.
And you.
           As the One
We already are

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