Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Message To The Nation - III

My Fellow Americans

We have been asked why we moved now, to make this arrest of key persons in Washington, D.C..  The basic answer is because a false flag operation was developing, in which and by which The Powers That Be were going to use the Ebola virus scare to 'vaccinate' the populace, in a mass 'public health' program, which would have loaded them with the very toxic agent that they were supposed to be being inoculated against, and which would have resulted in the deaths of potentially millions.  Not that there are not effective treatments against the Ebola virus (especially nano silver); but the public was not going to be told about them, because the whole point of the process was to 'cull the herd,' and establish state - to say a governing Elite - control over humanity.  

This covert purpose has also been used in recent such scares, with the same delivery technique, i.e., toxic agents embedded in vaccines.  

We have been criticized for talking about Satan, and 'Dark forces'.  But the fact of the matter is that there are, indeed, Dark forces; in order for we incarnate souls to have the experience of consciousness growth we have had to have the Dark, to make free-willed choices.  And those forces feed on the emotional energy of fear, and anger, and such low-energy qualities.  Thus the reason why humanity has experienced wars throughout its time on this planet. 

That time is now over.  For we are now to graduate from our elementary school, and move up to the higher grades of soul development.

That upgrade - figuratively and literally - will involve major changes in the American government.  For it has been captured, and has been the agent of extremely Dark forces on the planet, for some time.  But as I say, those days are now over, and those forces are now contained; no longer to be allowed to wreak havoc on Earth.

A New Era has begun.

Stay tuned for more details. 

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