Saturday, 9 August 2014

See Here, God

'You could have done a better job of this creation thing of yours, you know.'

How so.

'I mean, come on.  All this killing, and disease, and stuff?  Why would you allow all that shit?'

Well; do you want choice, or don't you?  Do you want to grow in knowledge and consciousness, or do you just want to sit on a cloud all day, playing with your instrument?

'Fun-ny.  I mean, like - well.  Take disease, and stuff.  Toxins.'

What about them.

'Well - what are they all about??'

An education.

'An education.  How so?'

What would you say if I told you that all diseases could be wiped out, just - like - that.

'I would say that you were pulling my leg.'

But they can be.

'What?  How so?'

Do you want me to do everything for you?

' - oh.  Well.  Got it.'

I'll give you a hint.

'Shoot.  I mean...What's that.'

It is very simple.

'Simple!  The cure for all diseases?'


'But  - so why is it taking us so long to 'get it'?'

You tell me.  Especially after you 'got it' a long, long time ago.

'How's that.'

When the so-called Father of your Western Medicine said to you lot, 'Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.'

'…I don't follow.'

Obviously.  Nor did most of you lot. Even after such signals.  But then, that's what it's been all about.


Learning.  Education.  And the big one.


That actions have consequences.  Cause - effect.

'…Could you be a little more specific?'

What.  And deprive you of the experience?

'Hey - a little help never hurt anybody.'

I have given you help  Constantly.  But you often don't listen.

'What do you mean.  Like in meditation?'

That.  And other ways…But I, and my assistants, can only do so much.  What do you think you are - a robot?  Not in My creation.

'Well.  That would certainly make it a lot easier, on both of us; wouldn't it.  Ha ha.  Joke.'


Knowing, that the joke is not on us.


(Note: People of a certain age will have gotten more out of the title of this piece, based as it is on a light bit of post-war - that's World War Two, for you munchkins - Americana titled 'See Here, Private Hargrove'.
     A little whimsy can go a long way, sometimes.
     Although, you never know.  You can lead a horse to water…)

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