Friday, 1 August 2014

The Return To Our Father's House...

…will require some changes, for many of us, in our belief systems.  The biggest change for many Westerners will be their belief in 'the immortal soul'.  Not a correction in that state of being itself.  But in the Western major belief that the incarnate's physical-vessel identity is his or her's soul.

As the Psychosynthesis training says/points out:

'You have a body.  But you are not your body.'

You have a personality.  But you are not your personality.

Humans don't create souls.  They create the conditions for physical vessels to manifest, for souls to incarnate in this physical realm in.

Let me cut to the chase, here, after the Truth of things:

Reincarnation is a fact.  Is the Plan, for soul development, in this physical realm.1  As I refer to how we experience it: 'Now a prince, now a pauper;  now a male, now a female; now of one race or religion or nationality, now of another' - in order to have a variety of experiences, through which to learn our lessons, and release our karma.  Which is simply the result, and the consequences, of the decisions that we have made, on our journey through our school.

I  don't want to take the time here to list all the proofs available in our time for the fact of reincarnation.  Suffice it to say that those proofs are multitudinous; from studies, Past Life & Near Death Experiences, books, films, videos - and on and on it goes: verifications of the phenomenon.  I wish, here, rather to get to the next potential major stumbling block for many people in the West in particular:

the religion thing.

Long story short: The Bible is a flawed work.  There are human fingerprints all throughout it.2  The Truth stands on its own merits, does not need the works of Man to cloak it in varying garments.  I say this, and point it out, because for many people, their biggest challenge is going to be to have to release their fixation on, attachment to, and the comfort-zone of, the age-old Jesus story3.  And anyone who comes along and tries to talk about the Plan in and Purpose to life, and who is not a Christian, is liable to be mislabeled by those incarnate souls who need to listen the most - after those incarnate souls who have taken on the roles, in this lifetime, of minions of the Dark forces, and have to release their identity with their roles as well.  And the Christians are liable to 'hang' someone, who tries to help them see the Truth of things, as of the Anti-Christ, when these bringers of Light, more Light are simply pointing the way out of our present dilemma on planet Earth; we and it being threatened by such ignoble things as nuclear explosions, and the release of killer viruses, and such disgusting measures of our erstwhile People-Controller Masters.

How to tell the difference, between 'false coin' and the real thing??

A good way is to check out what they advocate as a form of social order.  If someone counsels you to 'Do What Thou Wilt…Do Whatever Makes You Happy' - no matter how charismatic they may be - you would have reason to worry, cause for concern.4  If someone says, 'What is right is what advances the cause of the state,' you would be correct in shunning that person, as of, if not Satan himself, at least a lower order of being.

Note, that what the statists say is what is right or wrong, in their relativist's version of things (there being no absolutes in their lexicon, much less of capital-t Truth), is a mirror image of the Truth; in that what is right, in true reality, is what advances the cause of The First Cause - our Creator.  The ultimate 'state,' of Being.  For us all.  As facets, fractals, aspects, points of view of the All That Is.

There's more on this subject to address.  But I just felt the need to clarify these particular points at this time.  In the process, unfolding in our time to Completion, of The End of History, and of its counterpart:


As we engage more fully in the process of Self-Mastery.



1 And quite likely in other realms/dimensions, too.  But let's keep this discussion simple.

2 A good source for research on this topic:  The site of D.M. Murdock, aka Acharya S.  An excellent researcher into our religious past, and its roots in what is called astrotheology.
     As for these human fingerprints: See, e.g., the chapter 'Questions about the Gospel Story'
 in Murdock's 'Who Was Jesus?'

3  And for Jews, perhaps the story of Moses.  Which Acharya S has just now covered as well, in a newly-released book of hers.
     Don't buy her take on things?  Check it out.  References abound in her books.

4 This is the stated philosophy of one Aleister Crowley, a Satanist who was denounced in his day as "the wickedest man in the world".  And whose works on occult themes and numbers are rife in the Black Mass Ritual of 9/11.  Another story.

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