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Won't Go Away...

…AKA Speaking Of Corruption - 2

1) from 'Will his 'birther' issue derail Ted Cruz's presidential dream?' - Tony Castro - Aug. 31 (posted at - Aug. 31)
(My comment appearing as amended in my subsequent posting of it at CDR Kerchner's site)


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"A natural born citizen of the United States is a child born of two citizen parents. In order to confirm NBC status, a father must also have been a prior resident of the U.S. In order to retain NBC status, a natural born citizen must retain an exclusive U.S. citizenship."

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  • I'm not sure who you are quoting, Reginald, but I'll quote myself on this matter, to help clarify the concept. Which is to draw attention to the fact that the WHOLE POINT of the exercise, [in] making it a requirement for the office of the presidency (and that particular federal office ONLY, let it be noted, and understood, [in all its ramifications]) that the candidate be a "natural born" citizen, RATHER THAN JUST A CITIZEN, was to make sure - at least as sure as the constitutional Framers could make it - that the person ultimately occupying that office - who would ALSO become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forcers; let it be likewise noted - did not have the taint of any DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. Like a naturalized citizen. And like a dual citizen. Like Obama.
  • Who is a Usurper in the office; and needs to be dealt with accordingly, for the rule of law to be maintained in the nation. And not be overthrown, in favor of the rule of men. Which invokes tyrants. Again: like Obama. 
  • Cruz is being disingenuous in talking about being just a "citizen". He was not born a "natural born" citizen, on account of BOTH his place of birth AND his parentage, with his father not having been a U.S. citizen at the time. He is not eligible for that office. Or the office of the VP, for that matter, as subsequently added to the picture, via the constitutional amending process - the only legal process in altering the meaning AND INTENT of the contract that formed the United States of America. 
  • But maybe that's the way they teach these things in Harvard Law School… unfortunately, not a joke. Well; IT is a joke, if he was advised by professors there in a way that led him to his sophistic take on the matter. 
  • Let's get clear on this matter. And move on. Legally.

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  • 2) from 'Corsi: Is Obama Planning Another 911 Attack on America?' - Jerome Corsi - Aug. 31


    Someone lead in with a plan to rid the country of this monster.
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    Sadly, like Caesar of Rome whom had the Roman army in his hip pocket, We the people don't have a prayer without some military intervention on our behalf......
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    Paul West I have said the same thing for some time. Where are the young vets? Where are the SEALS? We are a country in big trouble, believe it or not. We desperately in need of their HELP!! And that's what it is going to take. Not by voting, they cheat.
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    Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University  (Aug. 31)

    Paul West: The natural course of events in a matter of this nature would be for (those who consider themselves to be) Oathkeepers, retired and active, and including Constitutional Sheriffs - and with a multitude of patriots having their backs - to (1) do a deal with the Secret Service (in order to minimize the possibility of bloodshed) and arrest the Usurper, and (2) hold him for trial (in a Citizens Grand Jury-style court of law; not the Maritime Law that we have been under, in the equivalent of a coup a long time ago);

    the uprising of The People occasioned by this short and sharp series of acts to be dominated by patriots to the American constitutional Republic, who will (a) dissolve the sitting Congress - for their failure to do their constitutional duty in reining in a rogue Executive - and (b) appoint an Officer OF The People, whose job it will be (a) to call for new elections within a time certain, and (b) in the meantime, to clean out the executive branch of government of all those who are acting in a corrupt manner in discharging their proper duties. And we leave ALL this sort of corruption behind, and enter into a new and better day.

    But first things first.

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