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Beware Of Losing Our Heads

from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'PressTV: Foley's beheading 'declaration of war' on US: Rep. King' - Aug. 21

kibitzer3 says:
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Knowing the sorts of tricks that TPTB have been up to in the past, in order to get countries to war with each other – a) to make a bundle in the process, and b) to keep the sheeple in a state of fear, and thus, control – I am not surprised to find indications on the (alternative-news) Internet that that beheading video was a hoax. WAY too many questions about it.
It appears that TPTB are getting rattled, from the end of their days in power starting to appear [to them] to be real. Be wary of all such last-minute attempts to spook the herd. Keep a calm lookout for any signs of such as a false flag op, and speak reasonably to your friends, to keep them from spooking as well. Keep looking for the truth of things. Not accepting the falsity of too-easy-to-fake images. These are pros in ‘population management’ that we are up against.
Discernment. Discernment. Practice – and never give up on [the practice of using] – discernment.

A site (jimstonefreelancedotcom) has deconstructed this video with intelligence.  (And my  apologies to the family if this is all just coincidence.)  No. 1: It doesn't actually show a decapitation; it cuts from the start of sawing motions with a small knife, by a hooded 'executioner',  to a 'body' on the sandy ground (of what looks very suspiciously to be a fake site/set) with a 'head' placed on its chest.  No. 2: There is no sign of a spurt of blood, on either sand or clothing; only some discoloring 'pooled' - sprayed? - right under the headless site.  No. 3: The web site says the executioner has a British accent; therefore, may well not be who and what he is implied to be.  No. 4: It turns out that there are dummy bodies that are very lifelike, called CPR Dolls.  No. 5: This 'body' has no hair on its forearm, or lower part of a leg showing.  Exactly as it would be with a dummy.  No. 6: The 'head' coloring doesn't match the coloring of the forearm showing.  It can reasonably be assumed that a person held captive for some time in the sun would have some tan at the least on their lower arms.

There's more.  This was enough for me.  'This' - meaning as well all of 'it':  the attempts now - as in the case of the agents provocateurs in Missouri - to incite the conditions for war/martial law declaration.  To go to the End Game.  Before the elections in November might well put a hamper in the best-laid plans of TPTB.  

As I say: Discernment.

(And as I said to the person who sent me  the link:

"Thks for this, (blank).

"I wondered about this   Sounded too fake to me from the start; the timing of it, and all.  Just the sort of thing that the Mossad would get up to.")

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