Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Another Place, Another Time...

…Another Purpose

My Fellow Americans

We are in the worst of times.  But we are also in the best of times.

I have heard it said, and even argued - and sometimes vehemently - that the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama just wants, quote, 'European-style' socialism for America.  Big Nanny, as opposed to her Big Brother.  

I don't think so.

The Total Surveillance State?  Millions - millions;  and into the billions - of rounds of ammunition issued to militarily-equipped and -trained executive-branch departments and agencies, creating a private army for their Dear Leader??  Brain neuron-eating bacteriophages embedded in vaccines administered under contrived conditions for mass inoculation???

I don't think so.   

Lenin is reported to have used the expression 'kto kovo' - who, whom?  Who does what to Whom...

Power is the name of the game, for this monster in disguise in our midst.  The smooth-talking, 'long legged Mack Daddy,' as he has been described by one of his own kind, even.  By, that is to say, the black part of his personal racial makeup.

And here, let me say, and clarify, that we need to be careful in assigning figurative meaning to the literal description of 'black' and 'white'.  For example; and having said what I have said above: Is America pristine pure?  An unalloyed, unsullied light unto the nations??  A shining city on a hill, as it has been described???  No.  America - the Gem of the Ocean - has been used and abused by seekers of power and privilege; not of doing good in the world.  By warmongers - yes, even the heated claim of leftists.  Of socialists and communists.  Communists being socialists who have gotten religion, as it were; the same in kind, just different in degree.    

And so, the Left and the Right have squared off against each other, in life.  The collectivists and the individualists, in a nutshell.  And in the process - all unknowingly to the actors on the stage of life - have charted the way to a New Way for humanity.  To get out of the back-and-forth battle it wages against itself.  For humanity to go, ultimately - to say, now - neither to the Left nor to the Right.  But Up.  Into a New Era for humanity, as a whole.  Exemplified - summarized -  by the battle being waged right here in America, on our home ground, at this time.

We - we, here, now - must make a major decision, and for all of humanity.  As I say: to go, neither to the Left nor to the Right.  But Up.  

I think we can make it.  It is what the long thrust of History on this planet has been all about.  A history that we have made.  These incarnate souls, gathered here today on Gaia; having played different roles, in the long Play of the costume Drama of Life on this material level.

Regardless of whether you currently believe in the phenomenon of reincarnation or not - for which there is considerable evidence in our day; and therefore, of Plan in and Purpose to the universe - the bottom line is the same:

The choice is ours to make.       

That is to say: to make it, individually.  Or not.

The fact is, that we facets, fractals, aspects, points of view of the One Holy Being of which we are all an integral part, are going to make it, as a whole.  For, that outcome is 'written in the stars,' as they say.  But your individual outcome is for you to decide.  Your individual choice is still up to you; whether to proceed with the rest of us at this time, or not.  Proceed, on the pathway back Home. for the Prodigal Children, after their season in the sun of a different kingdom.

No one, or nothing, is going to take your individual choice - to say, your free will - away from you.  And certainly not an all-powerful material and secular state, ruling over its subjects with an iron fist.  Like a Master over a herd of merely cattle; to be herded, and corralled, and culled, at will.  At the will of the False Sovereign. 

The choice is yours to make, my friends; my brothers and sisters in essence.  Make it a good one.  

And literally.    

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