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Dr. Andy Wakefield/MMR/Autism

Had my cyst lanced and drained today, and cleaned out thoroughly.  And along with it, goes this particular years-long buildup of pus (I wish):

from Exohuman: 'Dr. Andrew Wakefield breaks silence on CDC (MMR Autism) Whistleblower' - Aug. 28 (video via NextNewsNetwork)
("While other media outlets remain silent on this breaking story, we continue our investigation into the CDC Whistleblower Dr William Thompson… and as a result of Thompson’s statements a collective voice is accusing the CDC of fraud…")


It's the heavy metals in the vaccines, mercury, aluminum hydroxide etc... Just read that all these vaccines and people still get sick.
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And now they've started this ridiculous ICE BUCKET fad to amass fortunes required for all the imminent law suits.
One of the biggest culprits causing ALS is heavy metals!!!! They'll carry on vaccinating as well as chemtrailing heavy metals!!!  BA$TARDS! 

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There are also studies suggesting that the foreign DNA found in vaccines can also cause health problems.

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Donn, you've raised a point that I wish Dr. Andy had expounded on a little further, when he referred to the interactions of vaccines being a factor in all these adverse effects.  Example: the MMR - like all live-virus vaccines - has glutamic acid in it.  It turns out that glutamic acid decreases the levels of a substance called glutathione in the child's body.  Glutathione is what helps the body excrete heavy metals, like Hg and Al.  Hg is still in most? flu shots.  If a live-virus vaccine like the MMR is given at the same time as a vaccine that has Hg or Al in it, the combination will tend to deter the child's body in its attempt to excrete the damaging heavy metals.

There are other appalling side-effect factors here as well.  Various vaccines have food proteins in them, like casein (milk) and gluten.  This is why so many people are allergic to these substances in their diet, to the point of risking an anaphylactic reaction.  The body's immune system is just trying to do its thing, as having recognized a food protein as a foreign protein (as part of the vaccine) that it has been triggered to attack.  All in all, a much overdue subject for a serious investigation into; one which does not give the vaccine pushers - i.e., the likes of the CDC - the power of control over it.  Naysayers to the contrary notwithstanding. 


I was reminded, during my medical appointment, of my own flirtation with 'the profession'.  My 'Comprehensive Health Center' doctor - doing service to underinsured and uninsured patients (like me) - it turned out, in casual conversation during preparations for the procedure, went to USC Medical School.  I mentioned to her that I had applied, and been accepted there, as well, way back when, but had elected to go to Stanford Med School, where I had been an undergraduate; "when a funny thing happened to me on the way to medical school".  I mentioned, when queried about that comment, that I had had "something of a spiritual experience," and chose a different path in life; one that led me immediately to "the largest public library in the Western world, which I figured must be in New York City" - where I spent a year in said library reading everything I could get my hands on regarding spiritual, and wider-consciousness, issues (like ESP) - and ultimately to living in a spiritual community in the UK for the the bulk of my adult life.  During the clean-up process from the procedure (which she handled in flawless manner)  I was bold enough to ask her if she had had any regrets choosing the path in life that she had.  (Being confronted with sick people every day can't be all that much fun, hold that much allure.) After an instant's hesitancy, she shared that, at the end of the day, she could feel that she had had been of service, to herself and to the patients, and that that felt good to her.  A good response.  The 'service' part of which I echoed some minutes later, when the subject of our banter during the mopping-up procedure turned to the choice that I had made in life, the path that I had chosen to take; had I found any answers?  I responded that I was still a seeker, and continued to do a lot of reading in my life on the general subject, of 'what it's all about;' and then mentioned that the two main principles of the ("nondenominational") community that I had spent so much of my life in, and could fully support,  were "service, and growth".
I'm not sure why I chose those two words to respond with.  The fundamental message of the community, that I impart to others who inquire of me on the subject, is a two-parter, consisting of 1) 'Work Is Love In Action;' and 2) 'Perfection In All Things' - "Give of your best in all that you do, because if you don't, you will be letting yourself down, you will be letting the realm of Spirit down, and you will be letting down all those around you who could have been inspired to give of their best if you had set a good example".  Those are, indeed, the fundamental planks on which the community rested (along with 'inner listening' - "listening to the still, small voice within").  Maybe it was just because the situation didn't call for such a lengthy response.  But I was touched by her dedication to 'service'.  That had been mine as well, over there in Scotland, for all those years of my adult life.  (Now, to most considerations of the subject, drawing to a close…another subject.)  That we were there, first and foremost, to be of service to the planet, and her peoples.  (The living planet, Gaia.)*  Not to ourselves personally.  We served ourselves in being of service to the planet - and The Plan, of Life - because we were part of The Plan.  Part of the Whole  A piece of the continent, a part of the main…

Anyway.  Service. And growth.

And those qualities can take different forms.

Thanks, Dr. Jordan.  You did a bang-up job, on lancing and cleaning out my internalized pool of pus.+  Built up, over all these last years, during which I have queried, over, and over, and over again, the service that I have been giving.  Wondering, if I am doing all that I should be doing.

To clean out this pool of pus that we are forced to live our lives in, in this sorry old world.  Deeply in need of a successfully servicing hand.

You can take the man out of the doctor.  But you can't take the doctor out of the man.


* And that, after a beginning in growing a garden in 'association' with what one of the founders called the 'devas' - and getting some spectacular results thereby - we had evolved into a community where we were now 'growing people'.

+ Keratin, actually, it turns out; but 'pus' (as from a boil, not a cyst) serves my narrative better, as a metaphor for a festering corruption that needs to be expelled from the body politic.  

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