Tuesday, 19 August 2014

We Hear Voices...

The Still Small Voice

Just who do you think you are.
If you really were somebody
With a key role to play
In this unfolding Drama, about
To reach its Conclusion,
You would have been called on
By now.  How is it that
You are doing nothing? 

                I am not
Doing 'nothing'.  I am

Listening!  Ha!  A fat lot
                     of good
That will do.  
As it is, the key players
                 are already
In place, and doing
Their thing.
What makes you think you're
So special.  Come on.

Because.  Just

Because of what.
Come on.  We don't have
All day.

Because of how I feel
About America
     and her fulfilling
Her special destiny.
           Her spiritual
           That's how
And what.

Heck.  I can
Trump that.
             I've got
The whole world in
The palm of my hand.
I can make you a Grand

              But I AM
Already One.

Then why aren't
You doing something
About it?

Because a Grand Master
Listens.  An inferior one
Big.  You dig?

            My fate
Is sealed.
I should have known.

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