Saturday, 2 August 2014

Some Cold Hard Facts

1.  America deserves to go down the tubes.

The majority of American voters since the assassination of JFK should hang their heads in shame.  Not only did they fail to see Justice done in that coup d'Etat.1  But they have voted the nation into irretrievable debt.  Insurmountable debt.  Into very bankruptcy.  Financially.  And morally.

I have heard it argued, regarding the national debt, that 'We owe it to ourselves'.  Nonsense.  You owe it to some very well-placed individuals and families, who set the whole thing up.  Set up the bait, for you to take. And you took it.  Hook, line, and sinker.

You can argue that 'It was our leaders wot done it'.  But you got the leadership that you deserved.  After all, you voted for them.  You sovereigns in your own right, in this free and independent country; responsible for your own governance.  And you are going to try to blame your leaders for the mess that you have gotten the nation mired in?  Give me a break.

You thought that you could get something for nothing. 'Everyone else is getting a good handful of that free federal money, so I'm going to help myself to a good handful of it, too.'  Disgusting.  Both the original takers, and those who succumbed to the temptation, of 'free money'.

As the libertarians kept trying to draw the nation's attention to: Tinstaafl.  There is no such thing as a free lunch.

The only way out of this mess that you have made of your learning experience, is Up.  But first, some more Cold Hard Facts.

As part of the getting-back to responsibility that you need to engage in, and experience:

2. Upper class welfarites: Off the 'dole'.  (Including the bailing-out of banks 'too big to fail'.)  Middle class welfarites: Off your 'fix'.  Povery-level malingerers: Off of what you are not properly 'entitled' to.2
  And perhaps most of all:

     Illegal aliens - Out.

     As to the latter point in particular:

The taxpayers' money should be going only - if at all - to the in-need citizenry of the nation.3  It should NOT be going to non-citizens, or non-legal residents.  That is a betrayal of the purpose of the taxes: to support our own.  Not the world's needy.  We have enough on our plate to care for our own citizenry as it is.  Illegal aliens are the responsibility of their own governments.  Not of ours.

Besides, this largesse that we have been involved in (primarily for political purposes; not purely charitable) serves to seduce people into subservience to the hand that feeds them.

And I'm not going to go any further here into the argument for a cutting-off of the honey pot that largely attracts the Illegals to come here in the first place.  Suffice it to say that my sympathies in this subject area lie rather with those erstwhile immigrants who are, and have been, waiting patiently their turn to come into this country through the front door - and thereby demonstrating their being potentially good future citizens of the country.

Not criminals, who jumped the queue.  With their children; who are their responsibility, and the responsibility of their parents' home countries.  Not this nation's responsibility.4

We live by the rule of law.  Or we experience disaster by the rule of men.

3. A clean-up of the voter rolls, and the voting process.  Primarily involving the need for a photo ID in order for one to cast a vote.  Which should be a holy procedure.  Not a charade - a farce, a fraud, an insult, a betrayal of the democratic principle - as it is now.    

And all of this is just for starters, in the process of putting the nation back on track, of its rightful role, as a beacon of light to the world's peoples: to show what can be done, when people are free to be masters of their own fate.  Not being playthings of the state; to be used, and then discarded, when no longer of use to the state.

We have a better fate than that ignoble end.  As we near the end, of History - the wrapping-up of the lessons on this level, for the budding gods that we are.  Just, now, needing to claim our rightful identity, in order to move into a bright, bright future; just a a bit ahead of us, now, on the high road.

I'm claiming my Christhood Now.5  Will you?

And join me.  In getting this family of souls to make the decisions they need to make in order to take our next steps.  Which are Up.

Not down.

Except for some.  Who still need a little more seasoning, yet, in a 3D realm, matrix, state of the illusion of separation from the Godhead.

So that they can finish their schooling.

The purpose of which is to graduate.

Not to get stuck in the process.

For a process it is.

And many of us have 'processed' enough.

Hopefully, the majority.

To vote, with their energy signatures, to proceed.

On the spiral stairway to the heavens.

Beckoning us.

Just out of reach.


Just a little more to go…

…having learned -  and having demonstrated our learning of -

the final lessons.

And then - by then -  to get our diplomas.

As fully fledged Masters of our fate.


1  the exercise of which could conceivably have headed off the later attempted coup, of 9/11, for the perps realizing that the American people weren't going to be put off the scent, were more mature than they, our erstwhile Masters, gave them credit for

2 And we must do away with that word, anyway.  To say: No one is 'entitled' to the earnings of any other person.  That is theft.  It is the gun of the government held at the heads of some in order to get them to give some of their money to others.
     'Oh, they can afford it.'  Not the point.  The salient point is that you did not earn it.  They did.  Bottom line: You do not have any legitimate business voting yourselves money out of other people's pockets.  That is immoral.  It's not the height of immorality.  But it qualifies.
    America is not a socialist state, where all the citizens put, in taxes, a good chunk of their income into the common pot, and everybody takes out of the pot, as traffic-directed by the benevolent state.  Such a state of affairs is not only unfair, as being based on theft (and therefore, a killer of incentive).  It is susceptible to morphing into a more oppressive state.
     As is going on in America as we speak, in its undeclared slide, on the slippery slope that it is on, into socialism.
     And bankruptcy.  For spending beyond its means.  And for not paying proper attention to the slimy, sinister forces at work amongst the citizenry; these dark denizens of the deep amongst us, who have lost their way to the Light - and even deny its existence.  Pitiful creatures.  Wanting YOU to join them.  In order to feed off your energy.

3 And NOT in a way to encourage the development of a welfare class; by making 'entitlements' so enticing that they outweigh what a person working for their keep could conceivably earn.
     Which was all part of The Plan, known as the Cloward-Piven Strategy, after the two sociology boffins who hit on the idea of bringing socialism to America by bankrupting the capitalist system out of the way.
     A strategy that is working quite nicely, thank you.  All the same.

4 There is some question about the children of illegal aliens born in this country.  There shouldn't be.  I have referred before in these pages to the misconception (as it were) over this matter regarding a - deliberate, on the part of ideologues - misreading of the 14th Amendment.  But then the 14th Amendment was never properly ratified anyway; so it is a moot point.  Meaning 'in limbo.'
     As are such children.  Whose parents should never have bought the point of view on the matter of people who were, and are, using them as cannon fodder, in the civil war that is now emerging in full flower in this country, between statists (a combination of socialists & fascists) on the one hand, and 'individualists' on the other - that is, believers in man's innate sovereignty, as a child of God.
     As we come down now to the final crunch in and of this matter, on Earth.  (Since it's already a done deal in the spiritual realms.  Where souls are already attaining full Self-Mastery; in their - our - return to the Godhead.  Having completed the Course.)    

5 Some background: The female partner of the founders of the spiritual community where I spent the better part (and literally) of my adulthood was 'big' on this concept.  Effectively, her parting words to the community and its guests - and thus, to the world - were:
     'Claim your Christhood Now.'

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