Tuesday, 19 August 2014

On Letting Go

I have had a large cyst on the back of one of my shoulders, that has been getting larger, and giving me not just annoyance, but outright pain now.  It has formed before, and finally ruptured on its own;  but this time, something is different.  I have now taken to putting a pharmacist-recommended salve on it, to try to 'pull' it (remind you of anything?  Like, Larry Silverstein's comment on WTC7??); but then, today, I 'got' it.  The message:

'Something is festering in me.  Let it go.'

Sounds reasonable enough.  But at least once more into the breach:

from wnd.com: 'Why We're 'Stuck' With Obama' - Joseph Farah - Aug. 19

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (Aug. 19)

It has to be clear to all open-minded investigators into this matter by now that the Republican Party officials were up to their eyeballs in this caper in collusion with their Democrat Party counterparts. Why? So that between them, they could get rid of the Constitution's 'natural born citizen' stumbling block for the office of the POTUS (& the VP's). (Note that between 2003 and '08 both parties - mostly the Democrats - tried a total of eight times to get an amendment on the issue going through Congress, and they failed even to get it out of committee every time.) 'We won't say anything about your candidate if your people won't say anything about any of ours in the future.' And so they both tried an end-around on the Constitution. And so they are both liable for prosecution, when TSHTF.
Which it must, just as soon as possible. Before TPTB behind both parties orchestrate a Crisis giving the Usurper the Opportunity to declare Martial Law, and thus make the NBC issue a moot one, because there will be no more Constitution. And the New World Order crowd will have won the day. And the U.S. of A. will have become merely a part of a region of that monstrosity, known as the North Atlantic Union. Which is being put in place as we speak, with a highway corridor from ports in Mexico reaching deep into the heartland of the late lamented land of the free and the home of the not-brave-enough. 
There's still time, to pull our nation out of the fire that it is under. But we need to move quickly.
And that will require Patriots to give up on the Republican Party, as part of the problem, not part of the solution; ditto Congress; and organize Oathkeepers, current and 'retired' - including Constitutional Sheriffs - to do a deal with the Secret Service (to avoid bloodshed), remove the Usurper from his purloined position, and hold him for trial in a legitimate court of law. Not one run by the Cabal behind this whole dastardly operation in particular, and business in general. And that way, we pre-empt the declaration of Martial Law that the Usurper is so close to making that we can smell it on his breath.
The smell of brimstone.


And I do not resile from my position, even if it is festering in me.  Let me try to explain:

Yes, we must 'love our neighbor'.  For We Are All One; and to be angry at Another is to be angry at Yourself..  But if you had been in on the birthing of this nation - this destined nation - you would be angry too, at what is being done to it.  From within.

And that cyst on my shoulder is as much within me as a pus-filled environment is within my country.

Which cyst needs to be lanced.  Drained.  And healed.

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