Thursday, 21 August 2014

America In Sore Need Of Leadership

1) from 'America's Burgeoning Police State' - Harry Riley - Aug. 21
('Ferguson: A Preview Of America's Burgeoning Police State, by Chuck Baldwin' - Aug. 21)

Reply by Stan Stanfield 39 seconds ago (Aug. 21)

Got a problem with your article, Chuck.  You warn us off Ryan Zinke in Montana.  But according to his materials he is 'one of us' - stands for: a free-market economy/private property; 'traditional values' - "Hard work - Self-reliance - Dedication - Faith" - i.e., the whole nine yards.  Up against a liberal Democrat/the Obama administration's game plan for America, as near as I can tell.  A former Commander with Seal Team Six, he certainly has a beef with Obama, and is obviously inclined to the use of military force; but….  A better choice, [on] balance, don't you think??       


2) from 'What's The Buzz?' - Elias Alias, editor - Aug. 21 - posted at Constitutional Emergency/ 
(Commentary on the Ferguson story, critical of the way that the police handled it, via their orders.) 

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August 21st, 2014 at 11:36 pm

Nice, helpful article. Elias.

This handing over of ’surplus’ military equipment to local police forces does two things. 1) It shows us that our military’s role externally is going down, via the policies of the Usurper Obama in particular; and 2) It works to condition the American citizenry to the sight of ‘the military’ in our streets. For, the actual military will follow right on – in destruction of Posse Comitatus – behind this beefed-up phalanx of local police, and the public won’t know the difference.

A Police State in the making, indeed. Which needs to be countered just as soon as possible, by a concerted effort, of patriots. Before the real – planned-for - action begins.

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